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01-28-2010, 01:31 PM
Hey all! So I am about to take the plunge and by my second RDS 003 here in the next couple of days and was thinking about trying out Detonator. There are only three reviews for this hybrid pack here on TW, so I was wondering if anyone would want to weight in on it. Just the basics, how it holds up, spin, good hybrid set, tension ideas ( I was thinking 62/60 or 60/58) etc, etc.

Thanks in advance!

01-28-2010, 06:13 PM
bumpty bump bump

01-28-2010, 08:07 PM
I have used the Klip Detonator 17 and I think it is a good hybrid. I used the multi in the mains. You will get more spin and durability than your current setup. I would describe this hybrid as crisp feeling.

01-29-2010, 04:00 AM
Thanks Samster!

basil J
01-29-2010, 04:05 AM
I use detonator all the time with the poly on the mains and it is the only poly set up that does not bother my shoulder. durability is good. spin and power are good as well.

01-29-2010, 12:11 PM
it is a pretty soft poly (k-boom). not too threatening to the elbow.