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01-30-2010, 01:20 AM
I understand this is a very obvious question, but I just learned to string today, and there are still a few things I am confused on.

First, when starting the mains (one piece), I feed both sides through the middle, clamp one side near the frame, and then tension the other side. I then keep going and clamping on that side until I am done. Is this correct, with how I start the mains?

For the crosses, I am a bit confused on how to start. The head pro who showed me did not use a starting knot, i know that. How do I start the crosses without a starting knot. Please be specific as possible, as I really know nothing at this point! Thanks, comments are greatly appreciated :)

01-30-2010, 01:55 AM
When starting the mains, just tension two or three on a side and then rotate to the other side. This is to keep the pressure more equal.
To start the crosses without a starting knot, you could use a double half hitch or use a starting clamp. http://www.keohi.com/tennis/misc/knots.htm


01-30-2010, 08:23 AM




Starting Knot:


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