View Full Version : 2 grip reviews in 1 !!! Mantis and TW Leather

02-01-2010, 12:53 PM
Received a sample of the Mantis overgrip and tried it over the weekend

Color: White with embossed Mantis logo halfway through. Not very noticable.
Length: Plenty, Will measure for anyone interested
Finishing tape: White with black logo ( I dont use tape on my overgrips )
Feel: Very tacky, much more than Wilson Pro overgrip.
Thinkness: Slightly thinner than Wilson Pro Overgrip but clearly thicker than Tourna
Durability: Good, Tack easily lasted through a 4 hour session and had more left but I decided to rewrap it from the other end for full tack next session. My hands dont sweat so no slippage, if anything a little too tacky for me.
Overall: It is a very nice grip if you want an ultra tacky grip slightly thinner than Wilson. 9/10

Not much more to say on this one

Also received my 22mm 1.5 thickness TW Leather replacement grips

This is some of the most lovely leather I have ever felt for a grip I almost didnt want to use an over grip.
I outfitted all 3 of my main sticks while balancing and leading them up.
10/10 (almost had to something for the fact that the finishing tape is poor and doesn't stay on, used some electrical tape to do this properly)