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02-03-2010, 11:14 PM
Im in Australia and the city in which I live does not have rating based tournaments just open (sometimes with a "special" singles which is x rating or lower)

Now I think there certainly would be a market for running this style of event. Can you give me your advice based on your experiences. I see a lot of comment on NTRP and the lack of leagues etc for above 4.5s and also a lot about sandbagging and people fudging their ratings to stay lower.

This sounds contradictory to here where everyone is gunnning to have the highest ranking they can get. basically our leagues are seperated in divisions according to the combined ratings of team members so there is no issue with how high your rating is because there is always a possible division to play in.

Tournaments are basically all open events so if you aren't seriously good then its a waste of time. So I see an opportunity to give this a go

can you advise me of the strucutre of the rated tournys and what you like and dislike and any further thoughts and opinions are appreciated

02-04-2010, 02:48 AM
I know tournaments are starting to use the itn system to suggest on entry forms appropriate events to players.

Current system isn't that bad, all the forms need grading information and past results. If people are found to be dishonest they get bumped to the highest grade typically A grade "insert local legend plate". Plenty challenging for all but the best open graders.

My biggest laugh at grading f'up was playing the B's against a 5.5 pennant grade 2, college player, 3rd rd futures qualifier in 2nd rd. got 5 games. Won it the year after beating 4.5 #1 grade 3/4 std..played off my head and was possibly a fluke. :D

Last year was bad, got local teaching pro 5.0 in B dlbs, lost in tb...and he cleaned up all the B's.. Lost to him in the open singles 4 2...

I'd love to see the itn used, i'd clean up in the C's as an 8... :D

I see a few problems with the open only events, the main being price and lack of consolation. As you say not worth entering unless you're 5.5 at $55 a pop.

02-04-2010, 02:50 AM
Grading can depend on the size of entries. Some of those country tournaments can go upto CDEF. strong even at C grade..lol.