View Full Version : Question for New Yorkers, who is Soldano ?

02-05-2010, 11:23 AM
Interview with Clemson player Derek Difazio:

KT: What got you started playing tennis ?

DD: Growing up in Brooklyn, I lived right down the street from Laurel Park. It was about five houses down from me, and I used to go over there. Actually, how I got into it was I used to go down there and hustle for matches. Basically, there would be handball games going on and tennis matches going on all day, and I would just hustle for money. Thatís how I got into it. I started out as a hustler, and basically thatís what I still am at heartóand I always will be.

KT: Who are some of the people who you model your game after or have really helped you develop your game?

DD: There was a guy who used to go by the name of Soldano down at the park, and he was somewhat of a legend. Basically, itís known as his court, the top court there. He used to just beat everyone. Anyone that wanted to challenge him, heíd accept the challenge, and heíd take them down. When I was starting to get into it, I really looked up to him. He kind of took me under his wings and showed me a lot of things about the game. To this day, I still havenít beat him, but heís a legend for sure.


So there is some guy hustling games in Brooklyn who can beat D1 players ?