View Full Version : Wilson Tour 95 Pro racquet

02-17-2010, 06:04 PM
It Has quite a heavy solid frame, has this racquet been known to weaken the wrist over

Everytime I play with it, the wrist gets sore and stiff the next day.

I know this racquet had a problem of hitting topspin serves outside the lines, so I had to modify my serve to work around that problem.

But I don't like the heavy weight of the frame when I swing with it...

Because of the heavy frame, I had to compensate for more spin as
a result and that's not helping my wrist.

he weakness is in a certain spot in the left wrist just under the palm wher it joins to the wrist, it feels like a strain or slight ache or discomfort when swinging with that frame.. I feel the discomfot for a brief second when in the finish of the stroke
I can feel the wrist pulling and that slight ache which sometimes prevents me from fiinshing clean whiich affects
my play...

Before that I was using a big light frame racquet. Now I'm using a medium frame.