View Full Version : Couple of overgrip questions (Babolat, Wilson, reels)

02-20-2010, 11:44 PM
So, the other day I bought a 15-pack of Babolat VS Grip from the auction site.

Having only tried Wilson Pro overgrip in the past, I was surprised that the Babolat VS OGs did not have that little protective nylon on their outside. They had the adhesive bit on the tapered edge so you could start the gripping process, but there was nothing else to remove.

Was wondering if that's normal for OGs not to have any plastic-nylon protective on their outside....or if I got ripped off at the bay :)

Second, I seem to prefer the Wilson Pro OG, so I'm thinking of stocking up since I use them up rather quickly (about 1 per week). I have noticed they are also available in reels - here are my naive questions...

1. As you unreel, are the OGs pre-cut at standard intervals or do you have to use your scissors to cut them from the reel at the length you deem appropriate?

2. Is finishing tape included or do we have to use our own?

Thanks a lot.

02-21-2010, 05:24 AM
should come with finishing stickers
they are precut as far as i know

02-21-2010, 05:33 AM
Wilson are precut, come with finishing tape and have the adhesive bit (which I dont use, I just wrap it tight on the first wrap.

02-21-2010, 05:39 AM
Babolat grips don't have any other plastic coating, just the adhesive strip and the finishing tape.

When you buy in bulk, the grips will already be cut and finishing tape will be provided (sometimes in a roll, sometimes in pre-cut strips). If you ever run out of tape (or lose it), finishing tape is exactly the same as electrical tape you can get in a DIY or hardware store.

02-21-2010, 06:31 AM
Thank you all for your input, I can now proceed with my order.

Take care.

02-21-2010, 11:44 AM
The above answers are true; they should come precut with enough finishing tape (also precut) to install each grip properly.
In regards to the question about adhesive backing: it really depends on what type of overgrip you are purchasing, but I know for a fact Babolat and Dunlop overgrips come generally without any plastic on them.