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03-09-2010, 05:50 PM
Hi i am currently looking for a few sets of strings to match the ones i have already on my rackets.

Looking for:
Babolat pro hurricane
Babolat Synthethic Gut
Prince Synthetic Gut
Wilson Sensation

I don't read up on strings enough to know much difference between strings, so i trust fellow forum members to be honest and help a fellow tennis player out (i like this forum and the members i have interacted with, and everyone seems like a genuine and nice person that would help each other out, therefore i am seeking out..)

Those are the strings i have listed because i have played with them and like their feel. I love the pro hurricane and prince syn gut hybrid mix thanks to a fellow tt member who had those strings on a traded racket. Any suggestions on strings i should use, i like control and topspin a lot. with a middle range of power.

anyways, i am looking for a few sets of strings because i need them for my rackets and would like some for future uses.

I don't have much strings to trade, but i believe i have a reel of forten and some poly nova titanium left if you must trade. I'd buy them outright if its the right price. I am looking to buy multiple sets of each , so please offer me a good deal, i don't mind the strings coming off reels or off straight sets, i am just looking for these strings.

Email me if you got these or a good combination of strings that you think would fit my playing style. Looking forward to these strings or testing out new combinations. Thanks

Email me: selfish.oppression@gmail.com