View Full Version : Roddick and Gonzales teaming up for Chile earthquake charity

Commando Tennis Shorts
03-27-2010, 11:27 AM
Oops, I mean Gonzalez; sorry.

Didn't see this posted yet. Looks pretty cool. Good for them.


03-27-2010, 12:52 PM
Gonzo is awesome

03-27-2010, 12:57 PM
Ofcourse at the centre of it this is a good thing.

BUT, I dont want to sound negative when I say this..... I almost get the feeling that everyone is trying to jump on the bandwaggon with creating these charity matches at the big events. First they did it at the aussie, then it was Indian Wells last week and now Miami. It has been an unbelievably unfortunate coincidence that the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have happened recently, but when one of the pundits was asked on Sky sports in the UK recently if the sport of tennis does enough for charity, the pundit answered 'no'. And I kind of agree. Ofcourse you can argue that no other sports are constantly devoting time to charities etc, but I dont see why someone cant step up and make a big change, why not the sport of tennis?

As we move on over the coming months I think it would be great if most tournaments, televised or not, all put on some kind of charity event. Whether it was for the people in Haiti or Chile, or for local charities for that particular tournament.

I just get the feeling that this wont happen, and these recent charity events we have seen will turn into publicity for tennis and some of it's players by showing how "caring" they can be when we all see the horrors that we have seen on tv recently.

Of course I dont want to take away the significance of the problems that places like Chile and Haiti have and are facing. It's just that there are problems going on all the time all over the world. If tennis and it's top players really cared they could be hosting charity events at all tournaments all year round for all different causes, instead of just jumping on the bandwaggon at this unfortunate time for Chile and Haiti and in turn making themselves look good by supposedly being 'caring'.