View Full Version : Used Racquets For Sell

04-14-2004, 06:10 PM
Hey, I was wondering what strings are in these racquets. They are under the Discount Tennis Sale page under Blemished/Used/Demo Racquets and other items:

Dunlop 500G demo 1/2 $45
Wilson Hyper Pro Extreme 6.7 1/2 $40
Head I S2 OS 1/2 $45
Yonex MP5i OS 3/8 $50
Prince More Response MP 3/8 $40

If you could tell me what strings are in these racquets, I would appreciate it. Plus, I was wondering what would it cost if I bought one of these and let Tennis Warehouse put Luxilon Super Poly string in it.



04-15-2004, 02:26 PM
These racquets will have Wilson NXT Max 16 string in them. You can have any of the strings we carry strung in these racquets for the price of the string. Therefore, Luxilon Super Poly would be $4.99.

Chris, TW.