View Full Version : To all stringers...

05-09-2005, 05:08 PM
I had my racquet strung by this guy Mike who i've done business before. I gave him the racquet on saturday and he said he will get it done sometime sunday so I can play it on monday. On sunday he called me and told me I can pick it up, and if he is not home, he will leave it between the doors. I went there at 6 and came back empty handed because there were no racquet to be found between the doors. I called mike on his cell and it turns out that his wife forgot about it. I was gonna go back to get it again but he instead drove to my house 30 minutes away and dropped the racquet off in my hands and then gave me 3 free overgrips for the inconvenience. I found that very classy of him and I hope all stringers are as nice as him. I will definitly do business w. him in the future.