View Full Version : Initial Impressions: Diablos, Tour 10MP, LM Prestige MP

04-15-2004, 05:56 AM
I finally received my four demo racquets on Monday: Prince Diablo Mid, Prince Diablo Midplus, Volkl Tour 10 Midplus, and Head LM Prestige Midplus. Below you will find my impressions of each after a total of 5 hours of play.

Volkl Tour 10 Midplus: wonderful feel - especially on slice backhands; horrible serving racquet as far as power is concerned - decent kick; it may be the 5 pts HL (compared to the 8 pts Iím used to) but the racquet seemed a little slower than itís weight would indicate; volleys offered fantastic touch but with little power to put the ball away; fabulous slice and very good topspin; control is excellent - probably the best of the four; but as good as this racquet is, for some reason, it just doesnít feel like itís the racquet for me - I really canít explain it but Iím just not comfortable with it...although this may change with the 15 hours I plan to play with the four racquets between now and Sunday.

Head LM Prestige Midplus: VERY flexible feeling racquet - reminded me of the Rossignol F200 in a way - you can just feel the racquet go back and then come through the ball; I got a very inconsistent response off the face of this racquet - it seemed I could make the same swing and one would be hit for a winner and the other land 5 feet long; the handle felt strange - like the top and bottom were a lot longer (less square I guess youíd say) than the sides - something I havenít been able to get used to quite yet; wonderful slice - it really stayed low; decent topspin - nowhere that of either of the other three racquets but pretty good for the string pattern; control on serves was very good with decent power if you go for it; volleys were fair, again the flex seemed a little unusual feeling at the net as did the handle - Iíve had many Head Radicals but I never felt like the grip was so awkward.

Prince Diablo Midplus: best serving racquet of the bunch - great power and control - although kick serves didnít have as much oomph as with the mid; amazing at net - every volley I hit seemed to be hit in the center of the racquet (even though it wasnít) - very good touch (the mid had a little better touch) - excellent putaway power; for the first set I played with it I seemed to be a little slow on my forehand (could have been the extra
1/4Ē) and after about a set and a half my forearm was feeling a little fatigued; at times I lost that solid feel on groundstrokes, usually when I try to hit topspin without being aggressive - ball tends to land real short; gave me tremendous confidence when hitting returns - I was aggressive and really swung through the ball getting penetrating groundstrokes; dropshots were better than average - not as good as my POG mid or the Diablo Mid, but still decent

Prince Diablo Mid: it does feel very similar to my POG mid except the feel is a little more subdued (ie: I canít feel the ball on the strings quite as well with the Diablo) - at times though this lends itself to a little more solid feel, especially on hitting flat groundstrokes; topspin is excellent but maybe just a hair below that of the POG mid; serves are very good with this racquet - both flat and kickers - more control than with the Diablo midplus; as great as the Diablo Midplus was on groundstrokes, the Diablo mid was even better - this racquet allows you to have every shot in the book - slice returns (down the line or crosscourt) - lobs were perfect (used this a lot when I was playing against two guys - Australian I believe itís called) - topspin returns offered great control - but my favorite was the flat ball, my aggressive forehand return was as good as itís ever been, I was crushing the ball...flat, hard, clearing the net by about a foot...WOW; this is my favorite racquet of the bunch so far.

Right now I really like both the Diablo Mid and the Diablo Midplus. The Diablo Midplus is heads above the other three in terms of netplay (and a little better in serve) but the Diablo Mid seems to be above the other three in everything else. Both the Diablos have A LOT to offer. Iíll try to put up a final review next week.


PS: again, these are MY OPINIONS, your results will vary.

04-15-2004, 06:15 AM
Thanks for the review. You have done alot of work. If you were trying to find what it was about the Volkl that was not right for you it was likely the flexibility that you found with the Prestige. They are very similar. If a person is used to a very stiff racquet then hitting a flexible stick at first will feel very good on things like slice and volley but groundies and serves feel very different from stiff ones. Sounds like you like the stiff sticks. What did you think about the LM Radical versus the Diablo?

04-15-2004, 06:46 AM

You are probably right about the flex. Being used to a 66 flex racquet makes a low 60s flex seem very flexible. IMO, the Prestige felt A LOT more flexible than the Volkl. The Volkl seemed to have more stiffness in the throat. The Prestige just felt wobbly (for lack of a better term)...a very strange and uncomfortable feeling.

I like the Diablo MUCH better than the LM Radical. For me the LM Radical didn't have any power at all and felt very unstable compared to the Diablo. It was probably due to the lighter weight of the racquet. When I was describing the balls that landed so short with the Diablo MP, it was like that on every shot with the LM Radical MP (at least for me). Diablo is much more solid from every spot on the court-groundstrokes, serves, volleys, topspin, slice, etc.


04-15-2004, 07:44 AM
Thanks for describing them so well. I wish I had taken a longer time to spend with the Diablo MP. I did not have a Diablo Mid available. During my brief demo of MP rackets, I prefered the NXG for having the control of the Diablo but better feel and more put-away power. My groundstrokes were more consistent. The Diablo was the easiest to serve, as if I can hit all my serves without missing.

Overall, these are all good rackets especially with better strings than were on the demos... note these came from local shops not TW.

Jeffrey Wang
04-15-2004, 11:00 AM
I just got my Diablo MP yesterday and I gave it a try this morning. The initiate feeling is good, and very solid on my forhand side. Put away is sharp and easy as long as you set up earlier. My backhand is another story. I can't get my slice back deep and it bit the ball very well. Serve is good but not great compare to Wilson Tour 95. Return is very good and stable even against hard serve. Volley is the best part so far, and it packs a lot of touch and feel. Angle or drop volley is easy with it but half volley lacking dept which might improve as time go. Overhead is excellent, solid and precise. Overall I will rate it B+ to A-. I will try more during the weekend to see if my backhand get any better. I string the racquet with Sensation 17 at 58lb.

Craig Clark
04-15-2004, 01:24 PM
Benjamin-Your observations are very similar to my own. Of these frames if was clearly the Diablo midplus that most consistently excelled from all areas of the court. I also agree with you concerning the poor serving performance of the Volkl Tour 10 MP. Curiously, this is not the case with the Volkl C-l0 Pro or C-l0 Pro Tour frames. I know you have sworn off demoing. but if You haven't already tried them they are well worth the time (and teasing) you will need to devote and suffer respectively!! CAC

04-15-2004, 04:01 PM
I also demoed both the Diablo Mid and the Diablo MP at the same time a few weeks ago. The bottom line is I didn't like either of them. They both felt a little tinny to me as compared to my usual PS 6.0 95. To me, the MP felt very much like the Prince Rebel that I demoed last year but with a little more weight so it was a little more stable and consistant. Of the two, I thought the MP was a little easier to hit consistant groundstrokes with from the baseline. Contrary to Benjamin's findings, I thought the Diablo Mid was one of the worst serving racquets I have ever tried. The feel was terrible, I couldn't get any pace at all on my serves, and I couldn't even get a serve inside the box. Perhaps a long adjustment period is necessary on serves with this racquet. I then picked up my PS 6.0 95 and immediately started hitting bomb aces inside the box, like night and day. It was like going from a pea shooter to a bazooka!

04-15-2004, 04:29 PM
It is true that Diablo MP is one of the easiest rackets to serve with great control, but it is also true that you don't get as much pop as other solid good serving rackets out there. It can be fixed however by putting a bit of lead. It will serve as good as any in terms of power except for the likes of PDs with some lead/weight on it.

Likewise, if you feel like your groundies land short with Diablo MP, just adding some lead will give more depth and pop.

04-15-2004, 04:34 PM
BTW, if you are old Wilson type of a guy, you will not like Diablo because it is much like POG in feel. You probably would have chosen a Prince a while back instead of Wilson PS or UltraII, way back when you were looking. Personally, I don't like Wilson PS feel. It feels a bit dead to me, but it is just me.