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05-13-2010, 04:17 AM
I am deciding between the HEAD YOUTEK Speed MP and the Radical equivalent. I like to take big cuts at the ball and can supply my own power. I tend to play an offensive baseline game. What strikes me is that the Speed has a swing rating of L5 while it is obviously a more powerful racquet than the Radical. Is it due to the higher mass despite its low swingweight. Does the Speed really have a smaller sweetspot than the Radical despite its larger head size. It would be really nice if someone can clarify this for me. I 17 years old and finding a replacement for my HEAD Titanium Heat, a racquet that is far too light for me now.
NTRP 3.5

05-13-2010, 04:18 AM
One more thing

I am not able to demo racquet as I live outside the US. I have a very large backswing. I heard the Speed is good for those with a larger backswing. I am guessing the Radical is as well?

05-13-2010, 04:59 AM
The Answer to your first question is Yes. I'll take a shot at the others...
The Head swing ratings indicate the type of stroke needed/preferred for that type of racquet. Meaning, if you use the Prestige with L6 or Speed with an L5 you will need to take a full swing at the ball for proper performance from the racquet. You can't just stick it out there and expect a good shot like is possible from a more powerful thicker beam racquet that is designed for game improvement or beginners. I can't speak for the Radical, but I have tried the Speed and Prestige. Speed is a little more forgiving then the Prestige, so I'm assuming the Radical may be a little more forgiving (requiring less of a full swing) then the Speed.

According to the TW power and sweet spot specs the Radical does have a slightly larger sweet zone then the speed 18x20, and is slightly more powerful. Headsize doesn't always seem to make a difference when it comes to sweetspot - I'm not sure of all the factors, but I know the string pattern plays a big factor, as well as the beam width and mass (I assume). Not sure if this helps, I'm sure others on this site can answer better then I. Good luck.

05-13-2010, 05:38 AM
Does the Radical have more control than the Speed?

05-13-2010, 05:44 AM
I believe the 18x20 Speed and Radical MP will be close, but I assume the Radical will have a little more due to a slightler smaller head size and slightly tighter string pattern. The biggest difference between the two is the weight and the balance of the two. The speed is heavier but more headlight. The speed feels a LOT lighter then the specs indicate.

05-13-2010, 06:19 AM
personally i think there is very little in it, ive hit with both and i prefer the Radical, although it is certainly not as nice as he older versions.

I would go with the Rad for one reason and that is its more customisable with lead weight. So you can change weight and balance to suit and when you do you will definately feel the difference from stock.

The swing style ratings i wouldnt worry about thats there to show you if you, for example, have a medium swing dont go trying the prestige!
If you have big strokes then go for whatever you want.

05-13-2010, 08:55 AM
I own and have hit extensively with the Prestige Pro, Speed MP 16x19, and the Radical Pro.

There is a linear dropoff in "power" from the Rad to the Speed to the Prestige. With the Radical, I need to string it tight with full poly to help keep the ball in play. It's more flexible than the others, so you'd think it wouldn't be powerful, but its near-even balance makes it very easy to generate pace...too easy for me, in fact. When I hit with it, I keep telling myself to treat it like a Babolat and just whip it up at impact, but its balance makes that technique hard for me to do.

The Prestige, at the other end of the spectrum, is very low powered but offers great control. I need to put multis and guts in it to get the pace I need to stay competitive. That said, it's a great frame if you've got the stones to use it effectively.

The Speed suits my game the best of the three. It *IS NOT* more powerful than a Radical Pro, but I'm not sure about the Radical MP as I have not yet hit with one. The Speed has a good combo of power and control for me (yeah, I know all reviews say that). IMO the Speed MP is very underrated. FWIW, I did not like the Speed Pro--it was far too heavy and actually hurt my shoulder after a few hours of hitting.

Hope this helps.

05-13-2010, 09:07 AM
retlod, yes your comments help me.

So, do you feel the Speed MP 16x19 is more "powerful" then the Prestige Pro? Or is it just easier to swing then the Prestige Pro, and therefore easier to generate the power?

05-13-2010, 08:09 PM
Yes it is more powerful than all Prestiges... I have a Speed 16x19, an i.prestige mid and a tgk prestige mp.... while the Speed is 15, 20g lighter (this is a wee bit subjective, because I can't measure SW) than the other two, it can still supply similar power.

It's not due to the "easier to swing" thing, but more due to weight distribution.

05-14-2010, 05:15 AM
I guess I need to give the speed 16x19 a good demo. I played with Prestige pro last night against a couple very good players. I had some great shots, but overall I'm just not consistent enough (good enough) to get the most out of this racquet - I need/want a little more help when my strokes and timing aren't 100%. The Speed 16x19 may be the answer.