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05-20-2005, 08:40 PM
After much demoing, I think I've settled on the C10 as the replacement to my Wilson 6.1 Classic. I still would like to test the Flexpoint and ncode 6.1 95, but I'm getting pretty fatigued trying all these different racquets -- I want to get focused on playing. What do folks like for string with the C10? How about tension? I usually string my racquets in the 60 range, with a hybrid, but it sounds like 55 is maybe better for this racquet. I loved the racquet even with the crappy demo strings -- I bet it will feel great with some decent strings. Thanks in advance for any tips.

05-20-2005, 09:23 PM
That's a big change you are making, going from the Classic 6.1 to the Volkl C10 Pro MP. I love my C10's. I like to use leather on mine personally, a la Johnny Mac. As far as strings go, I use a hybrid. In the mains I use Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17 at 55 lbs; the crosses are Laserfibre Synthetic Gut 16 @ 55 lbs. The Signum is probably the best poly around, softest to. I soften it up even more by using the Laserfibre in my crosses, which I think are the softest synthetic around. I'm thinking about going back to muli, probably Laserfibre Supreme 17 or Laserfibre Lasertour 17. I'm also thinking about the Yonex 850. Rabbit, who's very knowledgeable about these frames used TiMo Banger at 60, I believe. But I think he has since started to use either Laserfibre Supreme or Volkl Power Fiber II.

louis netman
05-20-2005, 09:43 PM
The C10 does well with anything but soft multis... Does quite well with gut hybrids at 55+...go with a crisp mono in the cross...

05-21-2005, 02:55 AM
Thanks. The PS 6.1 classic was just too heavy and really began hurting my arm and shoulder. The C10 really had a unique blend of stability, power and control. The Volkl Gen II, to me, is really similar to the PS 6.1, right down to hurting my arm. Although I think even adjusting for arm pain, I like the C10 better than the PS 6.1 or Gen II, though it I think it is the least powerful of the three racquets (based on admittedly limited hitting experience with the Volkls). Folks laud the flexibility of the C10 and I suppose that is what provides some of the arm relief. I'm a big swinger with wood-racquet trained and taught strokes, so generating power is not a problem, but control has been. The C10 just has incredible feel and control, I think - it feels like a good match for how I play.

What is a "mono" string - mono filament sythetic, I assume? Sounds like the 55-60 lb range is okay. I may string one a little looser than the other and see if I can detect a difference. I'm hoping Rabbit with chime in. I've seen from reviewing other posts that he is the resident expert on this racquet. Thanks for the advice.

05-21-2005, 07:33 PM
Sorry, I am currently in Colorado Springs at a conference; not a lot of time to goof. I appreciate the kind words, I do love the C10. I really prefer mine to have been strung about 30 - 40 times, they really start to loosen up then.

I have played with several different strings. I started off with Prince Topspin 16 in my frames at 58 pounds. I liked it and really like Prince Topspin in the green color. I moved from that to Tecnifibre TR Pro SPL 17. I think that is one of the firmer Tecnifibre strings, but it is still softer than most other strings. On this point, I'll have to differ with the other posters. I liked a soft string in the C10, at least this soft string. I tried Luxilon Ace 18 in one and absolutely hated it. I went back to TF for a period and then, head case that I am, I tried Luxilon TIMO 17. I strung it at 54 pounds, there is a good write that I did that TW put on the reviews for TIMO, here is the link:


My comments are all the way to the bottom. I hated the feel of TIMO compared to Tecnifibre, but absolutely was blown away by the results. I could put the ball where I wanted it, and had tighter spin. I was sold. I don't change rackets that often, but do like to play with strings. I tried Laserfibre Supreme and Volkl Powerfibre, both in 17. The Supreme is a firmer playing multi that retains its tension really well. The PowerFibre is softer, but has better feel and power.

I have now gone to a hybrid with TIMO 17 in the mains at 54 and Volkl PowerFibre 17 in the crosses at 54. Best of both worlds for me right now. The crosses being multis soften up the string job enough that I like the feel, but I get the great control of TIMO with the mains.

My recommendation? I would say try Prince Topspin 16 at 55 pounds. It is a lower cost mono and has great playing characteristics. It will also be cheap enough that you can find your optimal tension and it won't be too painful in your wallet. In other words, you can play a little without spending a ton of money. If you don't like Topspin and want something softer, keep the tension you've found and try Tecnifibre XRC 16. It is nearly as good as TR Pro, and it isn't that expensive. If you want something firmer, but not harsh, try either Luxilon ALU @ 54, or Kirschbaum Super Spiky 17 @ 56. The ALU is probably the best compromise of everything in the Luxilon line and the Kirschbaum is a springier poly that is easy on the arm. It does have a lot of the things you like about polys though.

If there is anything more specific that I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. And, congratulations on what I feel is the best graphite racket ever made.

05-21-2005, 08:16 PM
I, too switched to C10Pro from PS 6.1. It was a smooth transition. C10Pro is a low swing weight racket considering its 12 oz weight. Happy with C10Pro. Strung it with Ashaway Crossfire 18g at 53 lb main and 58 lb cross, w/o dampener, gives a firm feel on back impact. The feel is enormous. Kinda less trampoline compares with Prince SG 16. More durable but what I like most is good tension retention. There you have it, good spin potential with durability. Do not string Ashaway at or bove 60 lb. It will feel like a board. Doublehanded&lovingit is right, replace the crapping PU grip with leather grip provide optimum ball feel. I add a thin overgrip on top of leather grip.
C10Pro belongs to the rare best player frame category. Enjoy!

05-22-2005, 07:29 AM
Wow! Rabbit and C.H., thanks for the comments and wealth of information. These boards really are terrific. I switch racquets rarely and was way out of the tennis technology loop for about 15+ years. These boards have been a great way to catch up. As a junior/college player I used the Jack Kramer auto and/or Wilson advantage forever. I was the last person I knew to drop my wood racquet and still long for the feel. I used a Head Graphite edge for a long time and then stopped playing due to life demands and lack of partners. I resumed on a very limited, periodic basis in 1997 and have been playing (weekly doubles, if that) with a Wilson power holes racquet from then until this year. My game (or at least groundies) massively suffered with that racquet. I thought it was all me, I hadn't been playing, etc.(and, make no mistake, a lot of it was me), but I couldn't keep a groundstroke in the court with that thing to save my life. I hit pretty flat and hard (near continental on everything), and the racquet was, I guess, too powerful, but I didn't know it. I mistakenly thought that all racquets were pretty much the same, as I did when I was first starting out (I didn't know about "players racquets", tweeners, etc. until this year). I started playing more this year and tried the PS Classic 6.1 and all of a sudden I could keep at least a few groundies in the court and even hit some winners again. But, like I said, the PS Classic 6.1 was killing my arm off the court and I was getting arm-fatigue on the court with it, and I'm not a small guy. So a switch was in order. That brought me to these boards, a bunch of demos and now the C10. I like the feel of the racquet and in some broad way it reminds me of wood. I'm at the point where I just want to settle with a racquet and focus on my game. While I'm still interested in a few of the other Heads and the O3, I've got demo fatigue and the C10 seems like a good choice. I'm probably gonna snag a n6.1 Tour 90 to keep in the background for the days when I want a real challenge -- I liked that racquet a lot too, the way you can just plow through the ball -- but I think it is too demanding for me at the moment. The c10 feels like a good compromise. Thanks for all the string advice (and grip advice, too -- being old school, I like leather as well).

BTW, what are your thoughts on serving with the C10? That was the one area where I was less than thrilled with the racquet. It was still good, and I'm confident enough in my serve that I think I'll eventually grow into the racquet, but I noticed a drop off in spin.

05-22-2005, 08:05 AM
IMO the C10 presents people with a good problem..it plays well at a variety of tensions and with a variety of strings (unlike many other frames)...i suggest you start out with your favorite string at your favorite tension and adjust from there. i wouldnt worry about what the C10 is good at as it's good at everything, but it only rewards you with what you give it (nothing could be more fair than that). if you work on your serve with this frame, it can serve great for you.

05-22-2005, 08:28 AM
Exactly correct, NBM - that is what I like about the C10 and liked about wood. You do it right, you are rewarded. That is what I want in a racquet. And, that was what I found disconcerting about the Head LM -- even when I didn't feel I was hitting the ball well or correctly, balls were going in. Makes me feel like like I'm not playing, the racquet is, and I don't enjoy that. I'll take the errors if I still feel in control. I don't think you can improve unless your equipment is letting you feel the ball and your shots and for me, among other things, that means the ball has to be on your strings for a while. I agree with you, too, on strings. The demo had crappy strings and I still loved the feel of the C10.

05-22-2005, 12:34 PM
Tennis312, you know what you're doing...i'm sure you'll be a good contributor to this online community. Other good choices from the Volkl line are the Tour10Gen2 and the Tour10VE-MP if you want some additional juice. I like these strung on the higher end of the range w. gut hybrid (using Klip Legend mains/Klip Excellerator x's)..lots of controllable, spinable power.

05-22-2005, 12:59 PM
Other good choices from the Volkl line are the Tour10Gen2 and the Tour10VE-MP if you want some additional juice. I like these strung on the higher end of the range w. gut hybrid (using Klip Legend mains/Klip Excellerator x's)..lots of controllable, spinable power.

I actually played with the tour10Gen2 the same day as the C10, went back and forth. To me, the tour10 plays noticeably stiffer. I liked it, but fear it would recreate the arm/shoulder issues I had with the PS 6.1. My friend I was hitting with, who has hated every racquet I demoed and is a long-time PS 6.1 devotee, really liked the C10 and loved the Tour10Gen2. Just goes to show how personal racquets can be, though I still believe if you are hitting the ball right it doesn't matter too much what you use.

I haven't tried the Tour10VE yet but now that I know I enjoy how Volkl's play, I'll give it a whirl.

05-22-2005, 01:39 PM
Tennis maybe i can save you the demo. The V stiffens that part of the frame, but you still have a layup of graphite/fiberglass, so it is far from stiff, but you do sense a firmness in the middle part of the frame and also dont feel the head being flexy like the c10..if you're diggin the c10 like a day off, then you're all set i think, unless you want to try the V-Engine for the additional power. all of these frames are very easy on your body i feel.

05-23-2005, 08:58 AM
No problem on the suggestions. I too thought the Gen II was noticably stiffer than the C10. The really intriguing part of the whole thing is that the C10 has kevlar and the Gen II has fibreglass. You would think it the other way around, but I guess it all depends on where you put it.

Anyway, welcome to the club, your membership brochure and credentials are on their way. :)

05-24-2005, 03:01 AM
tried gut mains with synth gut crosses and gut mains with poly crosses. to be honest both play fine. I string the mid at the high end of the range (58lbs mains and 60lbs crosses) and I love the feel of the racket. I wouldn't discount stringing in the 60s if I were u till I'd tried it for myself.