View Full Version : Anyone know anything new from Fischer?

Vanja Ljubibratic
04-17-2004, 07:34 AM
Over the last couple of years, they haven't introduced any new frames, but have just been turning everything into FT models. I think that the Pro Extreme, (non-FT), was the last new frame to come out. Will the company be creating any new models any time soon? I'm not looking to change from my Pro No.1 at all, but was just wondering because it would really be good for them if they just kept coming out with new racquets to at least maintain their small status of the market. Has anyone heard anything?

marc tressard
04-19-2004, 04:56 AM
Fischer has introduced plenty of new models here and in Europe, but most are non "tournament" models. Here many intros are in lighter, "tweener" weights. With the new USA distributor they are trying to earn market share; in the U.S. player's rackets are not top sellers. Fischer would find it near impossible to crack the strangle hold of Wilson and Head and now Babolat in that area. They have signed some decent pros names, their bes tlineup ever!,but thanks to no internet most know nothing aobut their new rackets. They have new extra long "twin tec" rackets, a bit like the OS Yonex V Cons. Also we see lower price intros like the Strike Ti and Smash Ti. Last season they brought out the Impact here and now the very similar smaller headed #1 FT. The problem is that there is too much product chasing too few customers. I often use an earlier version of the Smash Ti but with the comfy GDS system. It is a supremely solid and comfortable tweener that is very much like the famed Volkl V1 for $100 dollars less! Their pure player rackets are too demanding unless I am on fire, which is rare.

04-19-2004, 01:47 PM
how is the fischer no. pro 1 im looking into buying one possibly i havent ever tried one but i heard there nice, can you tell me about it

Vanja Ljubibratic
04-19-2004, 05:25 PM
Yea, I was mostly interested in the tournament line. But regardless of how popular the racquets are in comparison with Europe, all the models that they have over there are eventually brought over here. So based on what you said Marc, Fischer has no desire to compete for status in the US. But it's not like nobody plays with players' frames, but rather they play with more tweener style models. And considering that Fischer has a lot of recreational-type racquets, they should be able to bring something to the table. The players' frames would therefore be extra weight, but it would still be there nonetheless.
FOr example, my club back at home is sponsored by Head, but there aren't that many people that are comfortable playing with the LM Prestige. All the other LM models are popular, but the prestige is still available. Fischer could do the same because the lower-level frames are very playable and have some great technological advantages to them.
I really don't care how much the company advertises, just as long as I can still buy racquets in this country and get replacement stull like bumpers and grommets.
As far as the Pro No.1 is concerned, it is a very flexible and feel-oriented frame that isn't very forgiving, but will reward you if you are able to provide a very fast swing with very good technique. A 5.0 player is probably the worst level player that can get the most out of this racquet. I really love it because I can really hit out on it but it still has such unbalievable control especially on the run. It's perfect for baseline play but it's also very maneuverable at net. Serves are great too. The bottom line is that you should try it, and if it doesn't work you shoudn't kid yourself by continuing to play with it. But a demo is definitely worth it.

04-20-2004, 03:32 AM
I have used a few Fischer player racquets in my time and still own a blue Pro classic 98" 330g unstrung weight and a newer 2002 Pro #1 320g unstrung weight. Although the Pro #1 is wider in profile than the Pro Classic (25/23/20 vs 20mm) the Pro Classic 98" has a thicker frame. It's also way more solid than the 320g Pro #1. I'd say the more solid feel of my Pro Classic is due to the 10 g weight difference more so than the thicker beam.

If you do buy a Pro #1 get the 330gram version if you can handle the weight. I'm fairly sure it will play solid like my pro classic and so be a much better frame than the 320gram version. For me the 320g version of the Pro #1 is too light. I've added lead tape but it still doesn't feel solid like the pro classic.

Years ago I demoed a blue and gold VT Pro98 which was solid feeling like my pro classic.

04-21-2004, 07:04 PM
interesting, its to bad these racquets are not easily found and demoed - if someone wants to send me one of their fischer pro #1's ???

Steve Huff
04-21-2004, 08:23 PM
It seems to me that they are bringing out new models and putting old names on them. For instance, the Pro 1 and Pro 1 FT are not alike. The FT is longer, lighter and stiffer. Seems like 2 different models to me.