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07-14-2010, 04:27 PM
Just thought I'd give a quick review of these two racquets after a quick playtest. I've seen a couple posts on the Red Star, but nothing on the Tom's 28" that TW just put up for sale not too long ago.

I play at 4.0. 1 hand backhand. I have just recently changed from a continental forehand to a semi-western. I still change grips depending on my opponent and their style of play. I learned on a Wilson T-3000 for reference.

Both racquets are synthetic grip with 1 tournagrip dry overwrapped. Both strung at 63 lbs with Iso-speed Control 16.

Feel : The Red star feels a little more stiff. Sweetspot is a little bigger. Very very nice feeling as the ball comes off the stringbed. The Tom's 28" vibrates a bit and is slightly flexier. The red star is very stable on off center hits, the Tom's less so.

Groundstrokes : The extra length on the Red Star didn't take very long to get used to. I couldn't get the groove in with the Tom's Reach though, I felt like I was either too close or too far from the ball and my opponent kept slamming close to my backhand, which I felt like I had to get that extra step in to move away from the ball otherwise I'd have to slice or wrist it. I did notice the extra leverage from the Tom's very nice though. Slices were a monster on the tom's reach, even greater than the red star.

Volleys : I didn't feel either was not maneuverable enough at the net, even due to the extra reach. Even with the high SW's, the static weight is low so even if it wasn't maneuverable, I felt like I could get both racquets around quickly. However, due to the extra stability, the Red Star was superior.

Serve : Tom's Reach had a lot more pop on the serve. I don't know what else to say here, but the Tom's Reach is a great serving stick.

I'd have to say after my first play test, that the Red Star is the superior stick. However, I think it may be because I was not used to the even longer length on the Tom's Machine. I think the Tom's is meant for a slightly higher level player than myself, and that the Red Star suits my playing level better

I'll write a little more after getting another chance to play tomorrow and maybe the strings lose a little tension.

07-14-2010, 10:14 PM
Thanks for these thoughts Asekaran - will be keen to get your further views on the two racquets.

07-16-2010, 09:39 PM
asekaran - how did you find the power of the red star for ground strokes?