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how does the champions league work, how do they qualify and like how do they eliminate each other, i looked in wikipedia and it looks awfully complicated, something about 32 group stage pots or something?

i ask this here and not in the tt football forum cause maybe i can get some faster and more concentrated answers?

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I googled it for you and again with the name calling.

And I dont recall you ever putting me in my place ever.

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Teams from the historically strongest federations, as well as some domestic league winners from weaker leagues, qualify directly into the main competition. Teams who do not fulfil these criteria (winners of very weak domestic leagues and runners up and in some cases third and fourth place finishers from relatively stronger federations) enter the qualification tournament (currently being played) at varying stages to attempt to win entry.

The main competition involves 32 teams.

They are allocated into one of eight groups (each composed of four teams). The groups are drawn based on a seeding system (Pot 1, which constitutes the eight strongest teams according to UEFA's historical points system, provides a team for each group; similarly Pot 2 will feature the next eight strongest teams and so forth for Pots 3 and 4). A rule prevents teams from the same national body being drawn into the same group.

The four teams in each group play a round robin, with home and away ties (each playing six games in total). Three points are awarded for a win, one each for a draw, and zero for a loss.

The top two sides from each group qualify for the round of 16, the first knockout stage. Once again a draw is held to decide the fixtures, with group winners in Pot 1 being randomly selected an opponent from the runners up in Pot 2. Teams from the same country will still not be drawn against each other at this point.

The knockout rounds feature a home and away leg for each team, with the aggregate score dictating who progresses to the next round. The 'away goals' rule provides that where the aggregate score is tied after the second leg, the team which has scored a higher number of goals at their opponents stadium is deemed to be the winner. If the teams can still not be separated, an supplementary 30 minutes of 'extra time' is played, and then penalty kicks if the outcome had yet to be decided.

The quarter-final fixtures are again decided at a random draw, but this time there is no country protection; furthermore, the draw for the remainder of the competition is set at this stage. The quarter and semi-finals feature the same two legged ties. The final is held at a prearranged venue (which usually constitutes a neutral venue, although could be chance be the home ground of one of the participants) over 90 minutes.

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^^^^^ Did you write that yourself? :)

Pretty good explanation! Although the final can go to extra time and penalties, probably the only thing you missed.