View Full Version : Simple Classic Tennis Shoes vs. Modern T Shoes?

07-22-2010, 08:13 AM
If we were to go back to the '70s everyone, well not everyone but most everyone would be wearing Adidas Stan Smiths. If you go back to the '50s maybe people would be wearing Converse All Star Chuck Taylor low tops, maybe.

Now we have Adidas Barricades and all these other fancy tennis shoes. My question is what are the pros and cons of the newer shoes over the older style like Stan Smith. I am not asking about Converse All Stars though because those are cool in the fashion sense but primitive in many other ways. But if you take a classic shoe like the Stan Smith or maybe one a little newer like the Nastase vs the newer fancy shoes like the Barricades and so forth what would be the advantage of one over the other?

Also what makes a shoe a tennis shoe vs a casual athletic shoe? I figure the durability must be present in a tennis shoe vs a casual athletic but what would be the difference other than that? The tread or what?



Capt. Willie
07-22-2010, 01:50 PM
Basically durability and stability. I guess one could draw the conclusion that one generation's performance shoe, is the next generation's casual/fashion shoe.

BTW, back in the 70s I pretty much wore the adidas Laver. And if I was around in the 50s I think I'd go with PF Flyers. ;)

07-22-2010, 02:10 PM
Capt., thanks for the info. I did a little more digging and found people were saying what you said too that the durability and stability of the Stan Smith and older shoes just can't touch the modern shoe. The Smith might be nice and comfortable but for tennis it's best the new shoes with the new technology and design.

I think you are right and have hit when you say one generation's performance is the next generations fashion shoe. I remember back in the early '80s wanting high top Converse All Star Chuck Taylors in red because I was coming into my own (so I thought) and was a rocker/new waver and just had to have them in red. Also Joan Jett wore those I just had to have some. But in a practical sense wearing those on the basketball court or running the track or on the tennis court would not be great for one's feet. Stan Smiths would have been so much better.

I did not know of PF Flyers until you mentioned them then I Googled. Man they look like something Our Gang would have worn. I bet they did.