View Full Version : WTT my kblade 93s (2)

Fedal Position
07-22-2010, 05:46 PM
i have 2 kblade 93s.

unsure of the grip sizes. im guessing 4 1/2 for both but idk.

one is in 8.5/10 condition, few paint chips. nothing big.

the other one is 6/10. head is chewed up because my gromet is almost gone. some paint chips, and there is a chip on the throat that looks like a crack but i assure you it isnt. ibve been hitting with it for more than a year and it hasnt grown.

im looking to trade mainly for 2 babolat apdc or apdc gts, but all trades are welcome. just email me at trickorteat218@aol.com