View Full Version : CB 1.1s Run Larger than it's Predessors?

08-04-2010, 05:14 AM
I know these shoes are a bit dated, but I won't pay retail for anything unless im truly desparate:) I was at a store yesterday and saw a neat colorway of some older CB 1.1s (all black/silver swoosh/lime green tag on the tongue). they were a size ten and I normally wear between size 10.5-11.5 (11.5 for fed shoes) depending on the make of the shoe. I tried them on, and they fit great and had a good amount of room in the toe box (i couldn't believe it)! anyways, they had some CB 1.2s and 1.3s in my size (10.5) and they felt a tad tighter and didn't have that much room in the toe area. So is there anyone out there that maybe had the same observation? Is it just a fluke in quality (this is nike i'm talking about :-?)? Or should I buy true to my size and pass on these since these are a first run of a shoe that is now in its "2.3" phase? I have not owned a pair of the CB line yet, but I'm really considering these shoes as they looked really cool and were comfortable.

08-04-2010, 05:20 AM
that title is supposed to say "PREDECESSORS" :roll: