View Full Version : hows this dealf or a used eagnas 3600

08-11-2010, 11:28 AM
I can pick up a used eagnas 3600 in good condition with tools and string for $50. I plan to string only for myself. I had a dropweight machine back in the 1980s and had no problems. Mounting looks kind of strange in the pictures.

Worthwhile or should I buy something else. I'm willing to spend up to $300.

Any advise greatly appreciated

08-11-2010, 11:46 AM
Yesterday I found a deal on the bay for $9 (buy it now) for a reel of Babolat RPM Blast in either 16 or 17 gauge. I fugured it was only $9 so what the heck.

Yesterday I got an email from the bay saying they had taken that offering off the bay and not to buy the string if the seller contacted me by email trying to sell if offline. I also got instructions on how to get my $9 back.

If it sound too good to be true it usually isn't.


08-11-2010, 11:54 AM
I always avoid too good to be try offers and you might be right.

But the seller lives in the same town as I do so I can go see it tomorrow.Just wondering if there is anything wrong with the design of that specific model. i will bring a frame and mount it when I go to look at the machine tomorrow.

I'm in the market for a used personal machine and I like that I can go see it and pick it up.

I'm second in line. Some else is looking at it tonight so it might be gone. Looking forward to stringing my own rackets because it seems like many new good options in strings out there.

08-11-2010, 02:44 PM
I have no knowledge of the stringer you are asking about but I did have another Eagnas. Mine did not last that long but that does not mean they will all end up that way. Try to get them to string a racket to show you how it works. That model is a drop weight so the tension head should be ok. But some things to look for is how well does the stringer hold the racket. It should not move when tension is pulled. And how well does the clamps grip the string. There should be no slipping of the string through the clamps or the gripper on the tension head. BTW that stringer (http://tiny.cc/44ipq) brand new is $209.


High Roller
08-11-2010, 04:38 PM
You could also pick up the clap for <$50... just sayin'.