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04-18-2004, 09:47 AM
I need some advice.

Iím a new player, and only picked up a tennis racket August 2003. I am rated at 3.5 on the NTPR currently, and Iíve had a bit of coaching, so will be hoping to reach 4.0-4.5 by the end of the year. When I started I bought a Head LM Radical OS.

Iíve read a lot on the internet, and everything says players either have a short/slow swing, or a long/fast wingÖ and sell the rackets accordingly. But, I have a short/fast swing? I donít understand?

My Radical OS is rated as low powered, but I constantly over-hit the shots unless I take slow swings. I had the racket re-strung to a higher tension, but it only helped a little. Also due to me braking my wrists 2 years ago, I strungle to control the racket-head and feel its too heavy for me.

So I have basically decided to sell the racket and buy a new oneÖ I have decided on a Yonex racket (unless someone can give me a VERY good reason to go for another) as I already use their badminton rackets and find the construction excellent (better than Head by a mile).

So can someone help me with my racketÖ it needs to be a lighter swing-weight than the Radical OS (330g), and nowhere near as powerful. Also I like to use a lot of top-spin, and having used a couple of Yonex V-conís I loved the spin they gave.

I am going to try and give the new RDX 500 MP a go, but am concerned about going from a 107Ē head to 98ĒÖ or is this why the Radical is so powerful?

Thanks for all your help, and big shout out to you from the UK!

Shane Reynolds
04-18-2004, 12:44 PM
To be honest, if you're hitting long with the Radical, you might be catching the ball a little past the ideal impact point, thus hitting it up too much. By what you said about your wrists, I think you will like the move to Yonex. Go to the Head website and view their catalog - you can see the main different between the Radical OS and MP is the width, and the Yonex will essentially chop off that width for their rectangular 98" sq head. I think the RDX500 MP would be an excellent choice for you. I would not get the HD version, though, since you like your topspin. Good luck!

5.0 TopDog
04-18-2004, 12:46 PM
When you over-hit doesn't mean you hit too fast, your racquet face was just not in the proper position. I have a pair of LM radical MP and don't like it too much either. I recently switch to Tour 90 and love every bit of it.

04-18-2004, 07:35 PM
[quote="BLiND"]I need some advice.

My Radical OS is rated as low powered, but I constantly over-hit the shots unless I take slow swings. I had the racket re-strung to a higher tension, but it only helped a little. Also due to me braking my wrists 2 years ago, I strungle to control the racket-head and feel its too heavy for me.

It's your technique, not the racquet. Go take some more lessons and ask about how to 1) have the racquet face neither open nor closed at the correct contact point and 2) how to hit topspin.

04-18-2004, 08:26 PM
I wouldn't look at the racquet as the immediate cause of overhitting. Chances it's a technique thing. I would suggest: 1) make sure that you're not coming up when you make contact with the ball, stay down and hit through it, 2) work on getting more topspin on the ball which will help bring the ball down, 3) make sure you're hitting the ball out in front of you. Feel free to change racquets but don't think that if you do so you won't be overhitting anymore.

04-19-2004, 02:01 AM
Thanks for you help, and I appriciate that my technique is not going to be brilliant at this stage, but I can allready create a fair amount of topspin, but if I swing too fast with my Radical, there is never enough topspin to keep the ball in-play. I can tell when I hit it up too much, but I take your point I need to keep it low... but the only time it goes in is when I JUST clear the net (by an inch or so)... and its just too hard to keep it that low. I can feel the power delivered from the racket... I call it a trampolein effect, and it gives a hugh "POP", and I don't want this.

Talking about the Yonex RDX 500... even though the swing-weight is less (315g instead of 330g), the static-weight is more (332g instead of 318g)... will I feel this or is the swing-weight what really counts?

Thanks for your help again.

Hit 'em clean
04-19-2004, 03:54 AM
Keep in mind that the harder you hit the ball the lower the ball has to go over the net. Watch good players and pros and pay attention to how hard they hit the ball and how high over the net it goes. With rallying shots pros hit the ball a good 3-6ft over the net, but as they start to crank up the velocity the ball goes over the net lower and lower. The bottom line is that even pros can only put so much topspin on the ball. Eventually you have to sacrifice some topspin for forward velocity which means the only way to keep it in the court is to hit it lower. Pros are capable of generating a tremendous amount of topspin....far more than the avg player....hence they can hit harder with a fair amount of clearance. How much topspin you can generate then dictates how hard you can hit before the ball will inevitably sail long.

Getting a racquet that easily generates more spin will help. I can tell you that the Radical OS generates quite a bit of spin for an experienced player. The fact that you're having trouble just speaks to the fact that your skill level doesn't allow you to generate the topspin that you need. You might consider refining your topspin and learning what your limits are. We can't all hit as hard as the pros and expect the ball to stay in

04-19-2004, 07:31 AM
I see your point about there is a point at which the topspin commes off as the power goes on. But I'm not compairing myself to pro's... just how I think I should be able to hit the shots... basically I am always tapping my shots, and very rairly hitting them. Learning my limits I totally agree, but I feel the racket is restricting my limits.

People have said a few time "stop hitting it so hard"... and I say "I'm not!"... its true.

As for the spin,... I tried Yonex V-Con 15, and found I could get a fair amound of spin more than my Radical, so I deffinitly want some of that :-)

Robert Jones
04-19-2004, 08:23 AM
Either your not hitting as much topspin as you think or you golfing the ball on your upswing.

If a raquet has too much power you are going to have to really swing up and use a more western grip to generate the topspin.
That is more difficult to do for most people. Or back off on the swing speed or lower your trajectory to barely clear the net.

Sounds like you don't want to change your stroke but change the racquet. Thats fine as long as you have a stroke that is repeatable.
Meaning if you can consistantly hit the ball 3 feet long in the same spot. If that is true then maybe going with a low powered stick and some spin strings. I have heard Luxilon Ti-mo 17 is great for people that hit too long or just long.

Depending on which string type you use but in general string high for control. I have to string 63-67 to get good directional control.

Try stringing high, the worst that happens is you loose some power and maybe more arm shock. You are gauranteed to have more control though.

Try the Prince Diablo with some kevlar strings. Its very manuverable, easy swinging. Put some dead strings in it for control.

5.0 TopDog
04-19-2004, 10:53 AM
It's your racquet that have dense string pattern..I believe its 18/20....If you want more topspin try a racquet with 16/19 string pattern will help with power and spin....and tighter string will produce less spin because of less dwell time nescessary for that extra topspin..

Robert Jones
04-22-2004, 02:09 AM
Top Dog there has to be more to it than the string pattern. I have a 100 sqin diablo with the more open pattern and a 95 precision with a denser pattern. Same strings same tension the precision gives me more spin (not potential spin, real spin :).

Not sure why but it does.