View Full Version : Pro Kennex 5g Pro Series?

05-28-2005, 03:21 PM
Just picked up a Pro Kennex Kinetic 5g Pro Series. Has the SMI index decals on it. It weighs in at 12.5 oz. Is this the older model of the 5g PSE?


06-05-2005, 07:47 PM
I just came across the same model. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any info available regarding balance (and until I came across your post, the weight as well). I own a PK5G (without SMI) and just received the SMI as a gift. The SMI seems to have more heft and possibly more swingweight and feels heavier in the head than the PK5G.

Had you been successful in getting any specs?

How do you like it? Is it as arm friendly as the PK5G?

Craig Sheppard
06-06-2005, 06:01 AM
netman, I have one of those as well. Mine weighs in almost at 13 oz even I believe. Don't recall SMI decals on it, but maybe it does. You can find this racquet in TW's racquet finder, I think I remember it having a doozie of a swingweight, something like 376. I can believe it, it's a hefty sucker. Comfortable though for its stiffness, and easy to hit well w/ the 100 sq in.

I'm actually looking to trade this racquet for something else... either a regular 5G or something else, if anyone's interested.

06-06-2005, 06:34 AM
Just checked TW racquet finder for the PK 5G SMI specs - Couldn't find it in old or new models. Would you still have the specs available? Tnx!

Craig Sheppard
06-06-2005, 07:03 AM

My head must have been spinning when I wrote that...sorry I was talking about the non-SMI version, which is of no use... I got mixed up I guess.. This is what I found for what I believe is the racquet I have, the PK 5G Tour, which I believe is the predecessor to the PK 5G PSE...

Target Racquet:
Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 5g Tour
Head Size: 100
Length: 27
Weight: 13
Swingweight: 376
Stiffness: 72

06-06-2005, 08:12 AM

LOL! Hey, its Monday morning. I don't function clearly until my 3rd mug of strong coffee!! :D

Thank you for the quick reply and specs. I will check to see if mine is the Tour model. I am hearing that the PK5G SMI (non-tour) is the predecessor of the PK5G (non-SMI) with the same specs - just a little different coloring.

I did an "unofficial" comparison this past week-end picking up one racquet and then the other and I felt a difference.

Well, I will test it out again tonight.


06-06-2005, 11:16 AM
I can believe a 376 swingweight. Hit with it for a while and it was a beast to get moving. Ended up ditching it, just too heavy and stiff for my tastes. The 5g is such a great racquet in terms of weight, flex and balance, it just makes the heavier model seem clunky in comparison.