View Full Version : Head Flexpoint owners reviews update?

05-28-2005, 03:37 PM
Hi, all you Flexpoint owners, how are they shaping up so far? Comments?

05-28-2005, 06:55 PM
I changed from an i.radical to fp mid plus... I kinda liked it more... i get less unforced errors and i liked the feeling more

more power, more control, more spin i think...

05-28-2005, 11:31 PM
its a good racket but killed my shoulder

05-28-2005, 11:36 PM
If possible, I'd prefer something with Flexpoint Radical Tour performance while offering i.Radical's graphite-frame feeling (I have no idea why I natually dislike frames bringing me metal feeling when I hit balls).

05-29-2005, 11:47 AM
very goopd stavility shown in the racquet and oogd control same as power!

05-29-2005, 11:57 AM
Save your monay and buy the LM radical. Its the same racket. The holes do nothing, the thought of it flexing the way Head describes is planted in ur head so u think its actually doing that but in reality its just the LM radical.

05-29-2005, 12:08 PM

Rafa Nadal
05-30-2005, 01:35 AM
Brauchst du eventuell noch nen FP Radical Tour?

05-30-2005, 04:22 AM

05-30-2005, 05:12 AM
The Flexpoint Tour also killed my shoulder, I felt it after 1/2 hour of play. Loaned it to a 5.5 teaching pro, and after an hour of teaching, his shoulder hurt. Sold it and bought a Prince O3 Tour, which is a much better racket.

I could never get a feel for where the ball was going with the Flexpoint, plus it was way to head light. By the time you added lead tape to the head and put a leather grip on, it was over 13 ounces. Be surprised if this one is around in a year, Head rackets are really going down hill.

The O3 Tour is just about right for me, less head light, and I put about 12 grams of lead tape on the head, and it plays very well. With a leather grip it weighs in about 12 ounces, perfect weight. Could be the 16 x 18 pattern but it feels like the whole racket is a sweat spot. Also easy to string with the boomerang tool.

I am giving up on Head, used a Ti.Radical for years which I thought was the best frame Head ever produced. Head decided to go stop making it and used a total different design I.Rad, then an LM.Rad, both were garbage, now the Flexpoint an Lm.rad with a hole in it, yet another loser from Head.

If you have a choice, try both the O3 Tour and the Flexpoint Tour, I liked the Prince a lot better.

05-30-2005, 08:57 PM
i just chaged from an i radical os to the flexpoint radical os , it feels great overall, good pwer,good spin, but some times is kinda unsatble, you can get a lot of different feelings of the racquet

05-31-2005, 10:33 AM
Play with the TOUR strung at 60lbs. Great stick from all area's of the court.
Play 4.5 USTA in Az. I have not experienced any of the pain issues as others mentioned and would recommend if you have the ability to swing a 12oz stick taking this one out for a test.


06-01-2005, 06:34 AM
I recently purchased the Head Flexpoint Radical TOUR to replace my LM Radical. I have been a long time Radical fan, first starting out with the Ti.Radical. I later switched to the LM Radical, which added more power to my game and more errors. It took me some time to control the power of the LM Radical.

When I read about the open string pattern and the slightly larger head size on the Head Flexpoint Radical TOUR, I was excited to demo the racket. I didn't and still don't put any emphasis on the "flexpoint holes". The open string pattern, the 100 sq. inch head, and the added weight drew me to this racket.

The percentage of my first serves have increased significantly. My kick serve kicks out wide more with the FP Tour. The power of my serves are the same. I did not desire any more power, just more spin. I'm VERY happy with the FP Tour performance when it comes to serving.

Groundstrokes have also improved. I've always been able to generate plenty of topspin, even with the 18x20 string patter of the LM Radical. However, slice and drop shots with the LM Radical suffered. With the FP Radical Tour, the backhand slice bites the court and drop shots are a breeze, as the feel of this racket is outstanding.

On volleys, the FP Radical Tour adds a bit more spin and velocity. That's about it on volleys, not really any difference in volleying with the FP Radical Tour as compared to the LM Radical.

I noted that some had experienced shoulder problems with the FP Radical Tour. After playing with the racket now for aprox. 3 hours a day for 5 straight days, I have not experienced any shoulder, elbow or wrist problems. My arm does feel a bit more fatigued at the end of the day, but this is due to holding a heavier stick now and it will take a bit of muscle building to remedy the fatigue.

I play with a semi-western forehand grip and a one handed backhand. I have long, loopy strokes. I am an all-court player, and when the time calls for it, a server and volley player.

In summary, I am VERY HAPPY with the FP Radical Tour. I would recommend anyone that currently plays with the LM Radical to demo the FP Radical Tour.

06-01-2005, 02:14 PM
I was thinking about adding a little lead tape to it at 3 and 9'o clock. To give the racquet more stablilty do you think its a good idea.

06-02-2005, 06:39 PM
switched from ti rad mp to flexpoint rad mp, the flexpoint has more feel, definately more power, dont know if the holes work but you do feel and hear some pop to it,

06-02-2005, 07:10 PM
ill keep it all clear.....ill give the Head liquidmetal a 75/100 and the flepoint 90/100 on overall points