View Full Version : Who's Up for Doubles Action in San Diego?

08-30-2010, 10:48 PM
My partner and I started playing mixed doubles together a couple of years ago. We play with a small, steady group of friends. Recently, we started playing tournaments and thought that it would be cool to expand our circle of doubles friends to battle test our practices and get more match experience. As there's a lack of mixed doubles in San Diego, we thought posting here would be a better alternative to joining a club or playing more tourneys. The intent of this thread is to get a booty-call-esque list together for doubles so that, at any given moment, we can call upon each other for some social competitive fun. It would also be fun to all get together on occasions and play...maybe some round robin or ladder format.

A little about us. As mentioned, we've been playing together for a couple of years. We recently started playing tournaments. Our first was an NTRP 3.5 tourney which we fortunately won. We followed it up with a couple of first round losses in 4.0 tourneys. We definitely have room and would like to improve. We normally play weekday evenings or weekends in the Rancho Bernardo area, but also play in the Oceanside and Carlsbad area.

So let's play!!! Hit me up via email or feel free to post your email here and we'll exchange info...ngoster@yahoo.com :)

09-08-2010, 04:10 PM
Wow...is mixed dubs dead in SD?