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05-29-2005, 05:49 PM
I have devised my own kind of demo program that I thought works very well and so would share with people. I research rackets I would like to try and find one in particular. I go on **** and find a used on for cheap. I 'demo' it for a while. If I like it, I will go back on **** and buy two more new ones. If I don't like it, I just get back and sell it for the same price as I bought it, and then look for another one. I have never lost much, if any, money doing this. It is like a free demo program, where if you like the racket you just keep it. This method just makes more sense to me. Anyone else do this or have similar examples?

05-29-2005, 07:25 PM
like buying something and return it if u dont like it.

what about shipping and stuff, how much would that cost? are u always able to sell the racquets u dont want?

05-29-2005, 08:03 PM
TennsDog, I do the same exact thing. I prefer doing it this way because it allows me to playtest the racquet with my favorite string/tension setup. In my experiences, I'll lose about the same amount of money it costs to demo the racquet or break even.

05-30-2005, 04:09 PM
I am not exactly sure about the shipping, I just know that I always pay less than I would to actually demo. And I have yet to not sell a racket I didn't want.

05-30-2005, 08:34 PM
i do this ! i buy from america and then sell in the uK and make maybe 30% profit on each racket ! plus the fact ive used them and know about them !

05-30-2005, 08:39 PM
I don't know anything about how **** works but that does seem like a pretty good idea, as long as you come out ahead $ wise. I think TW has a great program and being in Ca, it costs the same to demo 1 or 4, but with your idea you can demo the racquet as long as you want or need which is nifty. What's the lates racquet you've demoed?

Tennis Ball Hitter
05-30-2005, 10:31 PM
i do this ! i buy from america and then sell in the uK and make maybe 30% profit on each racket ! plus the fact ive used them and know about them !

I have to admit that this is very true. When I was ****ing racquets a while ago you could buy a brand new LM Prestige from the US for $130 [buy it now price]. The same racquet on UK **** costs $200 and still bidding.

Its similar in Australia but I don't think the demand is as high, so its uncertain if one could sell it for a good price here.

05-30-2005, 11:04 PM
is us i got a hyper por staff 5.1 for $59.99 then i payed $20 for shipping , then $10 stringing ! so thats $80, in the uk a factory stung hyper pro staff 5.1 is $190, and thats the cheapest roice around!

funny thought in the uk you can get brand new strung putre drives for $150, delivered! and on tw theyre more expensive, plus u gotta pay delivery!

the lastets rackets ive done this with are

head liquidmetal instinct $100 delivered, sold for 65 after 3 weeks of play
wilson hyyper hammer 6.2 $50 del, sold for 50
wilson triad 5.0 hammer , bought $70 del, sold for 45
fischer gds rally, $70 sold for 24 :(
yonex v-con 15, $100 sold for 45 :(

in the uk its MUCH cheaper to do this than to demo !

demoing in the uk it a total ripp of, infact tennis gear in the uk, can be up to twice the price as you pay ! it can be the same price ins as you pay in $

05-31-2005, 05:59 AM
On ****, I most recently demoed a LM Instinct, but it had too much power. Before that, I tryed a 300G and liked it, so I kept that and then bid on, and won, another auction including 2 300G's, 3 strings, a 6-pack bag, and 3 overgrips all for about $200. My most actual demo was from TW, where I demoed a LM Prestige, RDX 300, Tour 10 VE, and nCode 95. I did this on TW because I knew I wanted one of them for sure and that was the easiest way to demo them all at the same time.