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09-08-2010, 06:14 AM
I tried to install the machine onto the base several times. Every time, the machine would not go on the base perfectly flush. on 1 side (same side every time I try) there is a small gap between the base and the square post. Is this an imperfection I can ignore? or should I call Alpha to see if they could help me out? for $650, I wasn't expecting this basic step (so basic that there is nothing in the manual about how to put the machine onto the base flush) to be so challenging... (edit - I called alpha, and they tell me they won't have Revos for at least another 6 weeks. a way to avoid a returned item?)

09-08-2010, 11:30 AM
take the table off so its only the square part then push it down it will fit snugly then

09-09-2010, 09:21 AM
Like many others who have commented here about Alpha's great customer service, I too am impressed with the C.S. there...however, I have to say that I have run into a few unexpected problems and am somewhat disappointed with the machine I received.
A. User manual is a poor reference guide. (but the DVD is not bad).
B. 1 of my clamps would not fit in the base clamp.
C. My Revo does not fit onto the base table properly (not flush).
D. 2 of the shoulder support knobs - when I turn (tighten) them, they will push the mounting arm inwards (as expected); however, when I want to go back out, the knob turns, but the mounting arm does not travel back out together.

Lots of little things that still need fixing before I can string. I did not see too much of this here in T.T. Am I an exception to the rule? anybody else have similar experience?

09-12-2010, 07:15 PM
Ok first of all I just got a Revo 4000 within the last week and by watching Youtube videos and reading this forum I have already restrung 8 raquets no problem.

A) yes I agree the manual is poor, but the DVD is a good for some reason when I play it in my computer I don't get any sound, but its no problem.

B) The clamps that I were sent fit perfectly

C) When I first took my revo out of the box and placed it on the base it was not flush as I had seen on pictures of photostringer, This issue was solved by loosening the 2 bolts by hand (or at least one of them) and popping the clamp base off, I was then able to just push down the crank arm onto the base so now it sits flush. The bolts are there to adjust the height I believe maybe you should just loosen them remove the clamp top and push it down. That is what I did.

D) yes the arms dont move back as you untighten them but take a look at them under and you will see they are tightened using a spring resistance system which if you think about it carefully shouldn't come back to you as you loosen them since they are based on pressure on the frame.

the only issues I had were that some of the paint on my machine was rubbed off and the Alpha symbols on the floating clamps were coming off ( a lil superglue and all fixed) oh yeah they also forgot to include a Tension Calibrator with mine but I emailed Mark and it was sent out the next day.