View Full Version : Wanted - Nadal Bandanas and Wristbands

09-16-2010, 05:30 AM
There's a lot that I'm interested and all I've got right now is the black and white bandanas from Nike and I'm looking for more in the Nadal colors. Specifically looking for...

Nadal White/Green Spark Swoosh Bandana & Wristbands
Nadal Green Spark/White Swoosh & Wristbands
Nadal 2010 US Open Bandana & Wristbands
Nadal 2009 Aussie Open Bandana
Nadal 2009 US Open Bandana & Wristbands

feel free to email me @ scruffylookingnurfherder@gmail.com with anything though as I'm definitely interested in a lot more as far as Bandanas and Wristbands go.

Thanks guys!