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Dino Lagaffe
06-01-2005, 12:08 AM
There has been some talk on the boards about a new series of racquets from Volkl. I'm testing the BB Power right now with the following specs, as Match-Point provided earlier:

102 in2 / 25mm frame width /27 length / 10.6 oz unstrung (300 g)/ 1.1 HL / RDC na /16 x 19

The racquet was strung with a new Volkl Boris Becker string at around 55 pounds.

This is my background (as previously posted): Over the past few years Ive played with hundreds of racquets. This is partly due to the fact that Im a racquet collector and like to try my racquets out, but also because a general interest in whats on the market. During bouts with tendonitis in my shoulder I was also trying to figure out what made racquets feel and react the way they did, and what would be ideal for me. I do have a Vlkl (coach) contract, and have used their racquets for almost 3 years now. (Year one = Tour 10 MP, year 2 = Catapult 10 customised, year 3 = Tour 10 MP generation II.) The racquets I used right before that were the Estusa Power Beam Braided followed by the Head Prestige Tour 600. After having used many, and tried even more, I generally prefer rather heavy, evenly balanced/head light and flexible racquets.

So far, after just two hours of play, my impressions are quite favorable. Normally I play heavier racquets, and thought this one would feel too light. It does, however, play heavier than the specs indicate. When TW reviewed the Tour 9 V-Engine they said that it offered the maneuverability of a lighter player's racquet, while offering the solid and stable feel usually associated with heavier racquets. That can be said about the BB Power, too. It does feel solid, but at the same time it is light enough even for not so strong players to take a full swing. People with faster swings to begin with will appreciate the spin potential. What really stands out though, is that it's really comfortable, which I attribute to the fact that it's a wide body but has a flexible graphite/fibreglass composition. It kind of reminds me of the old Dunlop Max 800i, if somebody remembers that one.

So, groundstrokes could be hit with both power and spin. Obviously, there is only so much "power" in a frame as the combined mass and racquet speed will cater for, so people who really generate massive racquet speed would definately want to add weight. BTW, I see great lead potential in this frame.
Volleys worked fairly well because of the maneuverability, but I missed the extra weight from my regular T10 MP gen. II, as my volleys weren't as deep as I wanted them to be. Serves worked well, both flat and kickers.

I've played a lot with the Tour 9 VE 18x20, which is almost one full ounce heavier, but must say I prefer the BB Power. The T9VE had a tendency to feel boardy, and despite the extra weight it didn't really feel more solid than the Power did.

To sum it up, the Volkl Boris Becker Power, is a nice addition in the tweener category. It lives up to its name quite well since the moderate weight allows for getting good racquet speed, while at the same time it feels solid. I'd recommend people who for instance are considering the Dunlop 300G, the Wilson nCode nPro Surge, or the Volkl Tour 9 VE, among others, to give the Power a try.

Dino Lagaffe
06-01-2005, 05:07 AM
BTW, did any of you try other racquets in the series, and, in that case, what were your impressions?

06-01-2005, 07:15 AM
Dino..nice review..it's my understandng that the BB series isnt going to be avalable in the US. can you say were you are located? i think you touch upon the most impt thing in choosing a frame..buy the heaviest frame which you can swing fast enough for however long your sessions last when you are playing someone as good or better than you. that way you have the right combo of mass and racquet speed for your particular skillset. could be 10ozs..could be 12, and it really isnt a function of the physical size of the player. it really becomes a matter of physics at some point. and better to err to the side of light because it is far easier to add weight than to take it away. and we know there are those who think you should buy a heavier demanding frame and try and play your way into being good enough to use it, but i dont buy that at all.

Proud Pusher
06-01-2005, 07:16 AM
Happen to know anything about the new DNX???


Dino Lagaffe
06-01-2005, 08:38 AM
Thanks, NoBadMojo. I'm in Sweden, but will be in Texas for half a year starting in August.

Sorry Proud Pusher, I have no info on the DNX. When I do find something out I'll post it.

06-01-2005, 09:19 AM
we've posted some info on the DNX if you wish to do a search...it isnt being hyped much yet.....in the US the V1Dnx will be out later in the summer..i'll have one mid June and will post something after i've taken it out for some dances. there is also a DNX 10series frame being introduced only in Europe for now. Volkl sez DNX has never been used in a tennis racquet before..it a form of graphite rather than a powder like nCode materal and is said to be 25times stringer than reg graphite. they are putting this material at 3 and 9 and also on the handle cuff for stiffness and power......i heard the specs on the new V1DNX wll be very similar to those of the current as far as profile and swingweight and balance. all sounds like abba dabba smoke and mirrors, but from what i hear from people <who dont give you the typical marketing hype> who have hit this frame, it is one sweet bat!

Proud Pusher
06-01-2005, 09:26 AM
Thank you for info No Bad Mo Jo. Please keep us posted. I am a QV1
user and can't wait to try this one!