View Full Version : Handle replacment in New Jersey

06-01-2005, 08:48 PM

Does anyone know any places in NJ that can replace the handle on my racquet? I want to get the handle completely replaced for a grip reduction. I've done almost all the research I can--I think. I want to have a pro do it.

06-02-2005, 06:30 AM

No one I would really recommed here in NJ. We live close enough, try RPNY in NYC. Used to work for Jay Schweid at Jay's Custom (pro player racquet techs). Should be able to turn it around fine and also it will be from a pro tech.

09-15-2005, 02:23 AM

went to rpny the other day and he looked at the handle and it isn't replaceable on the max 200g. the good news is he thought of another solution--which is replacing my leather grip with a much thinner one, and then using a super thin yonex overgrip. i guess this is the solution i've been trying to avoid, but alas, it's not a big deal. i'll get used to it.

rpny is great though. awesome service.

09-15-2005, 04:19 AM
I agree KRP, RPNY is a top notch business.