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06-01-2005, 10:37 PM
Can anyone compare this racket to another....the prob. is I cant get a demo from my proshop because I would have to buy it instead because they dont carry a demo which is rediculous but if anyone can compare this racket to a similar players racket then thanks...ooo and btw how does this stick hit?? my style of play is a two handed bh and a 1h on some shots on the run(its better than my 2h) and a flat/occasional spin on the FH.. Thanks..-Fed-

06-02-2005, 08:41 AM
It looks like you play with the nCode 6.1 Tour. I also play with the nCode tour and recently purchased an Mfil 200. I've been playing the two side by side and I recently strung the Mfil at a lower tension (it is now at 56lbs). My Mfil is heavily customized and it almost matches my nCode Tour in terms of specs. I customized both racquets to weigh 13.3oz and both are very head light. In stock form, it plays pretty well. I'm just use to playing with 13+oz racquets. I have a one-handed backhand (eastern) with a semiwestern forehand.

Anyway... The serve is really lacking with the Dunlop Mfil 200. That Mfil 200 is really underpowered and you really have to hit up on your serves to get them in. Forehands and backhands feel great with this racquet. The frame is very stable and has a solid feel to it. I was swinging as hard as I could and I never hit a shot long with this racquet except on mishits. Net play is excellent with this racquet and feels a lot better than the nCode 6.1 Tour. The nCode Tour lacks that solid feel that can be found in the PS 85 at the net. I've never really enjoyed that. The nCode Tour does feel more flexible, despite their stiffness ratings. I would say that the Mfil 200 is a perfect all courter racquet and feels great no matter where you play from. The nCode feels slightly better at the baseline, but that's only because it has that extra amount of power for me to hit some clean winners. The Mfil 200 is a very comfortable racquet and I could easily use it day in and day out without any problems. My Mfil 200 was strung way too high and I haven't tried out my new tension setup yet. I will comment more on that tonight. Hopefully, I get the amount of power I'm looking for with the lower tension.

06-02-2005, 01:29 PM
I got around to hitting with my new string job. 56lbs is the perfect tension for this tennis racquet. My serves now have that extra pop I was looking for. If I had to choose between the nCode 6.1 tour or the Mfil 200, I really have no clue what I'd pick. I still prefer the nCode for serves. If you're looking for more control, the Mfil is the way to go. Both are fairly good racquets. The Mfil feels more solid, but the nCode feels a little more flexible. I would say the Mfil 200 is a better serve and volley racquet than the nCode 6.1 Tour. Too bad you just can't demo it. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll answer them.

06-03-2005, 07:30 PM
Ahhhhh! I have bought the racket(s), 3 of em' now! This racket is great...Yes some might say that it doesnt have much power but of course, its a control oriented racket! I love this racket. Im able to produce my own power whenever and it has good pop when serving also(@61 lbs.) I did try a diff. setup on one of them at 64 lbs. and it played just as well but I think that the 61lb setup is a little better because I still get the control with it but it adds some power.At the net this racket is unstoppable! and also it has a decent amount of spin (for my taste) and also my 2HBH has improved some with this stick :mrgreen:

06-03-2005, 10:21 PM
I'm glad you enjoy your new racquets. I have no clue how you play with BB Original @ 61 lbs. I initially tried it with BB Ace @ 59 lbs and I swung as fast as I could and my balls were still short. I normally hit my shots very deep, but I just couldn't do it with a poly setup in this racquet.

Oops, it looks like you hit your shots flat. I can see how you get the extra depth. I hit my forehands with heavy topspin.