View Full Version : F/S - Two Wilson N-code nsix-one 95 18x20 43/8ths grips

10-04-2010, 06:01 PM
I have for sale two Wilson N-code nsix-one 95 racquest with 18x20 patterns and 43/8ths grips. They are both rated 6 although I think I'm a tough grader.

I would like to sell them both with one transaction so $110 for both shipped or $65 per frame shipped. Paypal only.

Contact beernutzparadise @ yahoo dot com (remove spaces and change dot into a .).


10-05-2010, 11:58 AM
I supposed technically they should rated 6 out of 10. Here is some more information I sent to someone who expressed interest in the racquets via email.

One of the racquets I bought new in 2006 and it has been strung 10 times. I strung it myself each time. The other I bought used from TW in 2007 and I have strung it only 4 times but I could not say how many times it was strung before that. I always kept tape on the headguards so you can see from the picture link below that they are in good shape. The grommets likewise are in good shape. I did replace the grommets on the racquet I bought used from TW right after I got it since it was not in the shape it was advertised to be in (9 out of 10) when I bought it. Consequently, I can say for sure that the grommets on that racquet have only been strung 4 times.

I stopped playing with both racquets in the Spring of 2009 so they haven't been strung again, or played with, since then and they are just taking up room in my bag.

Here are more pictures of the racquets including the headguards: