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10-14-2010, 09:40 AM
I have two (2) Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 (18x20) rackets for trade. Please note these are NOT the VO2 Max T-Fights, but the ones the year before. Both rackets are stock-weighted and have brand new overgrips on them (have not been hit with since re-gripping). Neither have a head cover with them.

I am looking to trade for the Head YouTek Speed MP (18x20) in a similar condition.

TF320-1: 9.5/10
This racket is essentially new, with the exception of a very, very minor (hardly visible) scrapes at the 3 & 9 o'clock positions. There is one very small chip on the inside of the throat of the racket (<1cm). I personally have not hit with this racket, but I bought it from a local rep who may have hit with it once or twice. Bumper guard has no marks. Immaculate condition. It is freshly strung and the strings have zero (0) court time on them. It is strung with a hybrid setup: TF X1 Biphase (60#) and PS Premier Ace (58#).

TF320-2: 8.5/10
This racket has some very minor scraps (just barely below layer of paint) and a few minor scrapes on the bumper guard (always played with head tape on it). I would rank it higher except I believe that the butt cap is loose on it (you can hear a feint 'click' sometimes) and I don't know exactly what is going on with it....it almost sounds as if something is floating around in the grip/frame. The grip was not cracked or damaged when I re-gripped it, but I did not remove the buttcap (where noise is coming from). It doesn't effect playability, as I have played with it my last few league matches. The string setup is the same as the racket above, except it has about 4 hours of playtime on it. Still plenty of life and tension left in them.

I also have a used TF 9-racket bag that I could throw in as well, it (like every other one I've seen) has torn rubber on the zipper pulls and the shoe compartment is ripped (but still functional).

I have just recently done two transactions on TT, but I am not sure if my references have been posted. I do have 100% feedback on 3Bay if you would like to check my credentials (username: murray_ucf).

Please e-mail me with any other questions and for pictures. RyanMurray78@gmail.com


10-14-2010, 12:00 PM
Grip Sizes:

TF320-1: 4 3/8 (3)
TF320-2: 4 1/2 (4)

10-14-2010, 01:04 PM
Are they 16x20 or 18x20?

10-14-2010, 05:35 PM
My bad, missed the first sentence. Will you consider selling those? Or trade for Dunlop 4d 200 16x19?

10-14-2010, 06:53 PM
Hideous - Both are 18x20

10-15-2010, 02:55 AM
Worth mentioning that the 9.5/10 racket was just strung the first week of October.

Also, please note that the trade does not necessarily have to be 'straight up', we can always work something out so please bring the offers!! Thanks!!

10-15-2010, 06:41 AM
Hideous - I do love that frame, but I'm really wanting the Speed MP 18x20, I'm playing with that now. I would be up to selling them, should no offers come in for trade for the Speed MP.

10-15-2010, 01:39 PM
Here are links to pics of the rackets:

TF320-1: http://img838.imageshack.us/g/tf32011.jpg/

TF320-2: http://img153.imageshack.us/g/tf32028.jpg/

10-15-2010, 02:22 PM
Please let me know if you decide to put the racquets on sale. I'm interested in your TF320-1 (grip size L3). iorsms@yahoo.com

10-22-2010, 01:26 PM
Rackets are on sale as well. Please bring an offer if you are interested.

Gennady Mamzhi
10-23-2010, 10:26 AM
Are you interested in trading for Avery M3 control? I have 3 of them in 7/10 condition. Grip size 4 3/8.


10-23-2010, 12:17 PM
Just wonder how did you like the rackets and why are you selling them?

10-25-2010, 05:11 AM
Gennady - No sorry, not interested in that frame...but I am taking offers on the rackets for a straight sale.

Cayzi - I loved the frames, I'm just selling them because I hit with a friends Head Speed racket and absolutely clicked with it. That's why the one racket is freshly strung, as I planned on playing with it coming up but obviously never got to it since I bought the Speed rackets.

10-27-2010, 04:40 PM
i would be interested in trading, i have a head extreme pro microgel 4 1/4 grip in good condition. email me at phillipgreenfield9@gmail.com

10-27-2010, 08:41 PM
Interested in a 4D 200 16x19 4 3/8, 9/10 ?

11-08-2010, 06:00 AM
Thanks for the interest...a trade has been completed