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06-03-2005, 07:29 PM
Sorry guys for taking up space witha personal message...

Andrew - if you're still looking for a Prince Precision Mono, there's one currently up for bidding on US ****. Thought I'd give you a heads up.


06-03-2005, 07:56 PM
Thanks Galain,

No, Ive put the Mono aside permanently. Will keep it as an interesting example of racquet design and as a reminder of what I liked about the frame (weight, balance, string pattern) but made the decision to move on to something else.

Of course, Ive got bugger all idea what it is that I want to move on to LOL

Thanks for the thought

06-03-2005, 08:16 PM
that racquet is insane!!!
whats the advantage of this design?

06-03-2005, 08:53 PM
Perhaps because of the single shaft throat it seems to swing a lot easier that other frames so serving is a breeze. It also seems to put you more 'in touch' with the racquet head, in the same way an old wooden racquet let you know exactly where the racquet head was at all times. Because of that it seems far easier to hit very powerful, very effective slice shots with far more 'bite' than usual. Knowing exactly where the racquet head is you dont open up too much on the shot and float the slice, you always seem to be leaning in to it. Single-handed topspin backhand, however, don't seem to be quite so effective. I think, if you had a two-hander, you'd do far better with it. Also, despite the amount of slice you can generate it doesn't seem to be so good for topspin shots. Wouldn't have complained if it had been a little more flexible. Saw a rating for it as a 62 but had it checked and it came out to be a 68. Not a lot of touch, which is where the extra flex would help but for net rushers and serve-volley players it is a real treat.