View Full Version : F/S...Pair of Fischer Mag Tours & Pro Kennex Redondo

10-15-2010, 01:51 PM
For Sale... a PAIR of Fischer Magnetic Tours... the heavier (sl) version... 100 sq in head, 27 in length, 4-1/2 grips, One is 9.5 of 10, and strung with 17g black code...the other is 8.5 of 10 (2 very small paint chips up by bumper) and is unstrung. Both racquets have brand new replacement grips and will come with full Fischer covers, one extra set of grommets will be included as well. $100 shipped.
For Sale... One Pro Kennex Heritage, Type C, Redondo Edition MP (98 head), 27 Length, 4-5/8 grip (New Head Hydrosorb), Strung with Prince Natural Gut. Racquet is 9.0+ of 10 (one tiny paint chip about 11 o'clock on the hoop) Comes with original PK cover. $80 shipped.
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Email is... douginthewoods@hotmail.com