View Full Version : Need Help!!! Between LM Instinct,LM 4, Wilson N tour 105

06-04-2005, 12:04 PM
I can decide which one will give me good spin, soild feel with my serves, and general all around playability. I am a solid 3.0 but I think I can play up to a 3.5-4.0 on good days. Need help. I have also tried the O3 red, and the Babolat pure drive (grip was too large in my ususal 3/8"). Please help...

06-05-2005, 03:12 AM
Please, anyone out there compared these racquets?

Jack Romeo
06-05-2005, 03:43 AM
based on specs, the lm 4 is a real tweener - so it's meant for players who want more power for their medium length strokes. i do think it is one of the best tweeners around so if you can harness the power of this racket, then go with it. [BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE ON THIS BOARD! THEY'RE ALL APPALLINGLY PREJUDICED AGAINST USERS OF TWEENERS. :-) ]

otherwise, if you care what other people think (THAT PLAYERS RACKETS ARE THE ONLY RACKETS THAT ANYONE SHOULD EVER USE) then consider the instinct and ntour. these are both for players with longer, faster swings. i've tried both briefly and i prefer the instinct. it's feels slightly more maneuverable and better for serves and volleys, maybe because of the balance (it is headlight, the ntour is a little head heavy). but i do think that the ntour provides more topspin because of the more open string pattern and slightly larger head. consider also the grip, since the instinct has a more rectangular shape and the ntour is more round. i'm not too particular about this, but maybe you are.

the o3 red i only tried it for groundstrokes but i found good power and spin. it's very springy, lively feel, but i think this was more because the o3 i tried was strung at a very low tension (around 54) than what i'm used to (58-60). i can't comment very well on this racket since i wasn't able to try it for serves and volleys.

with regards to the babolat, if you're gonna use it, you should use the next smaller grip size than what you usually use. for example, if you regularly use 4-3/8, then for babolat, you should use 4-1/4. the pure drive is kinda powerful. i felt it was almost as powerful as the lm4. but it also provides good spin and is very light and maneuverable. however, many people here claim that it gives arm/elbow/shoulder pain. personally, though, i don't wanna use this because it's too common.