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04-20-2004, 05:28 AM
I've searched these boards but there is suprisingly little mention of the NXG OS. I'd like to get some other's impressions of this racket compared to the POGOS and perhaps the LM Rad OS...or just general comments about your experience with it.

TW gave a glowing review of all 3 NXG frames but I would like to get some individual impressions as well. I'll be demoing the racket on Thursday but any comments appreciated. Thx.

04-20-2004, 08:18 AM
I'd been looking for a racquet to replace my ancient Prince Precsion Comp XB (with broken grommets). After having demo'd several that didn't match the feel of my old racquet, I decided to chance the NXG OS (without demoing) mainly because of a good price break I got at Sports Authority and because of what I'd read about the racquet. First, the racquet is a little stiffer than I anticipated based on it's flexibility number. Since I've read that it's considered firm as opposed to flexible. I love the feel of the racquet; it's the closest I've found yet that comes close to matching the feel with my older racquet. I also tried a new string I had never tried: Lux ALU rough. I strung the racquet at 65 (on my uncalibrated stringer) where as I string my old Prince at 73. I was having some post playing elbow pain that worried me, although I had great control and adequate power. I restrung at 60 and after playing 3 hours last night, I have no elbow pain at all to this point. The power was good and I felt I had real good control also, although I didn't get that "I can swing as hard as I want" feeling that I had at the higher tension. Kind of long winded; hope this helps.

04-20-2004, 10:50 AM
I haven't played with the POG OS in a while but the NXG felt similar but with a bit more muted feel. The NXG plays much different to the LM OS - it's heavier, more comfortable, more stable but is less maneuverable. I thought the power level slightly lower than the LM OS. I think if you can handle the weight it's a good stick. However for me it was a bit too heavy for reflex volleys so am going with the LM OS for doubles.

El Diablo
04-20-2004, 12:45 PM
Concerning the above comments, I dealt with the weight issue by removing the head guard, which serves no grommet function in any event, and using thin strips of head guard tape instead. Now I have the head speed that I felt was missing and was my only complaint about this frame. I think it's a worthy modern POG; those who need all the feel the POG provides should get that frame. This one adds pop and comfort while maintaining very nearly the degree of control. I think it's the best oversize around.
I tried the LM Rad oversize and had much more trouble keeping balls in the court and maneuvering the thing.

04-20-2004, 01:11 PM
Thanks for all of your comments....Weight is not an issue for me as I am coming from the 12.5 oz HPS 6.1. I'm anxious to feel what ppl describe as a muted feel. It's hard to imagine a 19mm beam feeling too muted but you never know with Prince and that "More" technology. I'm looking forward to hitting with it on Thursday.

04-20-2004, 06:08 PM
Hey. I've never hit with the POG, but I have hit with both the NXG OS and LM rad OS. I really love the NXG OS. It is a bit heavy, but if you can handle the weight, it is a sweet playing stick. If you are playing a pusher and are gonna try to power balls down the line you might have an issue but if you are playing against anyone who hits medium to hard, this racquet is sweet....very easy to swing I think and you don't need to swing out of your shoes, just a nice controlled swing and the ball explodes with good control.....I haven't hit many serves with it yet so i cant comment on that. As for the LM rad OS...i thought the LM rad os lacked power it felt dead to me, the MP was much better and easier to hit with. The NXG has a very distinct feel, some refer to it as muted or dead, but i just think it feels comfortable and soft....thats my take, hit me up if you have any questions, I just bought 2 NXG OS's

04-21-2004, 03:55 PM
FWIW...I hit with and played a set today with the NXGOS. My impression was that it was a very comfortable frame that was plenty manueverable. It was pretty solid from the ground and at the net on shots hit very near the sweetspot. Anything else produced a "nothing" shot. The top of the hoop was pretty stiff on shots hit up there but overall it was a lot less stable than my current stick (HPS61).

The "more" technology did mute the feel as people have already said, but it wasn't horrible (like the more control).

Also, I expected a lot more horsepower on serve but it wasn't all that powerful. After a while I went back to my HPS61 and was hittiing serves harder. Oh well, as much as I'd like to find a OS frame that I can play, I'll stay with my PS for now.

This is probably a great stick for an advance baseliner used to OS and overlength rackets.

04-22-2004, 06:29 AM
I demo'ed about 20 rackets and my final two came down to the LM Radical OS and the NXG OS. The Radical gave me more pop on serve, but was very inconsistent on my groundies. Both are awesome at the net. NXG was a better control racket with a bit less power. I chose the NXG but you can't go wrong with either.