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06-06-2005, 01:42 PM
So...Ive been playing with my Head FP Radical tour for the last few days, good control from forehands and backhands, good power, but I lose so much touch and accuracy on my serves, that I dont think its the right racquet for me. I also find myself commiting the same amount of errors as with a 93 sq in racquet too. It also started to cause me some pain in my elbow (its strung with a hurricane/duralast hybrid), even when i try different setups with lead it isnt helping me. Im thinking now I should give the LM Prestige MP a try, any other recommendations? I was thinking about a Tour 10 VE MP, but other then that I dont know. I already have a babolat pure control + which I dont enjoy a lot either.

Just wanted some more opinions and to see if anyone can compare the FP Rad Tour and LM Prestige mp

06-06-2005, 01:53 PM
why don't you use your PC600 mids? Not enough power? Too small of a sweetspot? I am sort of in the same boat you are in now...
My midsize frames just aren't giving me enough margin for error when I am off my game. I am losing baseline rallies to them.

I am leaning towards the Prince O3 Tour, Fischer Pro One, or Prestige MP myself... The Head FP Tour is a pretty good racquet, so it seems odd that you would struggle with it. Back away from the poly strings if your elbow is hurting... I like Poly strings, so it took a while for me to change. But now that I did, I don't really miss them and my shoulder thanks me everyday.

Playing in pain can't help your game!

06-06-2005, 02:27 PM
safin what did you change to after your flexpoin tour?

06-06-2005, 02:45 PM
wildmoose uses the FP Tour... I haven't tried it.

06-06-2005, 04:36 PM
The only struggle i am having with the FP tour is serves and at a lesser amount, control. Also, trying to hit winners, I seem to actually miss more shots then when I was using a more control oriented racquet. I also have to get it restrung, but I doubt that will change the racquet enough to make me keep it as my favorite. As for the PC600s, they are great, but just a few things hurt it like I cant keep the ball as deep in the court as i would like, BUT the way the PC600 and other mid size racquets serve and how my placement is when Im on is what I really like

Also, I have been trying a Diablo mid, but I really have to stay away from Prince since their grip shape is horrible for my grip

06-06-2005, 06:58 PM

I think the LM Prestige mp is definately worth a demo. Given what you've written Id say the things I didnt like about it are the things you're looking for. Basically, I found it too powerful for my game, although I was surprised to find it a very comfortable racquet. My only quibble was that it didnt perform as well as Id like on the volley. Still, you will get that extra depth on groundstrokes and it might help with your errors - if they're coming from not finding the sweetspot often enough.

As a result of the LM Prestige MP's power levels I went to the LM Prestige mid which I feel is a fantastic racquet EXCEPT that, like the MP, it doesn't perform as Id like on the volley. Pretty confident it isn't technique as my net game has always been my strong suit. Personally, I think the sweetspot is a bit too low, which is great for groundstrokes and manageable for serve but on volleys you are often forced into using the upper third of the string bed (reaction shots etc) and it doesn't have quite as much punch as Id like. Also, the higher swing weight isn't really the best fit for a serve-volley game. Apart from that (which wouldnt concern anyone who isnt a serve-volley player) its fantastic.

I mention all of that because you might like to try the mid as well as the midplus. I found the LM mid provided considerably more power and more spin potential than my previous Prestige Pro and PC600. So, if you're predominantly a baseline player you might find it a good way to stick with the midsize (which you said you like, 'when you're on') but get a slight power boost and, I think, a slightly larger sweetspot.

What's your take on the Diablo mid? I need a lower swingweight than the LM Prestige mid and the Diablo is a definate option.

06-06-2005, 07:52 PM
Im not a huge fan of the diablo mid, something about the flex/feel overall of the racquet doesnt do it for me. But also, Prince's grip on that racquet is my main problem, its too "rounded" for my semi western grip(even though its not round, just has a the sides are pretty equal and makes it feel rounded)
Im also considering going back to my iPrestige Mid customized to add 1/2" and leather grip since ive had the most success with that then any other racquet. At the moment, I have the Fischer Pro Tour FT (the 95" one), a LM prestige MP and Mid on the way to me, so i will be able to try them out and post my experiences

06-06-2005, 08:46 PM

Ive read several posts commenting on the stiffness of the Diablo mid so you're not alone in those thoughts. Personally, I prefer a more rounded grip than you get with Head although that's pretty easily modified and have my LM Prestige closer to a Prince/Wilson.

If you like the Head grip shape and dont like the Prince perhaps it would be a better idea to look at something in between. Babolat is closer to Head, Dunlop is a very good compromise and Wilson is getting closer to the Prince. So, it might be wise to look at frames from Head, Babolat and Dunlop. That way you'll have little to no discomfort.

Have you tried the new Dunlops? Ive heard quite a few good things about them. Ive hit with the FlexPoint Rad Tour and LM Prestige mp. Both fine racquets although I dont like that 'muted' sensation you get with the FlexPoint. Seems to be all the rage at present but not my cup of tea. Your experience might be different but I thought the LM Prestige mp was a better all-around racquet - crisper and more responsive. Power levels about the same, manoueverability about the same. Its very much a line ball between them in terms of playability. The big difference is the feel and whether or not you enjoy that muted sensation.

Hm, the i-Prestige. Ive definately been considering that as a racquet option given that it has a significantly lower swingweight than my LM Prestige mid. Might make it a touch easier for serve-volley, although Im guessing there'll be a significant reduction in power and Im told it plays quite a bit stiffer than traditional Prestige frames.

06-06-2005, 10:43 PM
For some reason dunlop is rarely a brand i ever consider. Though I should demo a M-fil 200.
As for the Prince grips, I have a diablo and a NXG Mid (which I really dont like), the NXG grip is much more to what I like, but the Diablos is really different. I really should give the diablo another try one of these days. I also tried Ncode 95s (both string patterns) and im really not a fan of them at all. Though I must say, I need to play more competitive matches and give the racquets I have a good enough "audition" before putting them away for good