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11-15-2010, 10:21 AM
anybody else try this combination? the cost of this hybrid is pretty low at under $8 and the spin, control is phenomenal. i put this one together because cyber flash is such a nice crisp string with very good spin and msv focus hex (though it doesn't last long as a main) has the lowest friction coefficient of any poly (inside the scope of tw string database). because i like string tension to be in the 60's, i don't get the benefit of lower friction between mains & crosses as those who string poly in the low 50's. so it behooves me to find a low friction cross for my setup like msv focus hex.

i was hitting with a buddy the other day for a second time and he mentioned that my ball was way more jumpy than the first time we hit. i forget which poly i was playing with on our first outing. then i switched to another rig with cyber black strung at 45#. we hit for about 5 minutes and he said that it was no where near as powerful as thebuffman rig. i went back to thebuffman rig and he was right. the penetration, spin and kick i was getting on the ball was very very nice.

anyone else ever string this up?

also i have noticed that as my string tension has fallen 3# to 57 on the mains, i am getting even more spin now. for instance my dtl approach shots hit with more spin than pace are hitting 4' inside the baseline and then pegging the back fence 4' high. you can literally see the ball launch off the court even though it is hit with about 50% of my normal pace.

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10-15-2011, 08:17 PM
I recently tried MSV Hepta Twist (mains) and CyberFlash (crosses) at 56/54 and holy crap I almost started to cry it felt so good. I use a Microgel Prestige Pro and have tried 20+ different string combos to no avail and was almost about to switch frames until I tried this combination. I was ripping groundstrokes and could hit serves 125 mph+ with tons of pace and control and was coming close to 90% first serves - I was almost in disbelief.

The only problem that I had was that the mains (MSVHT) lost a lot of tension after the first 4-5 hours to the point that I lost a lot of control. I know that this is normal for MSVHT, but was wondering if the reverse setup (CF mains/MSVHT crosses) would still allow for as much feel and power without as much tension loss.

I have run out of MSVHT so I cant try it out for myself without ordering another reel, so if anybody has any experience with MSVHT (or other MSV) hybrids and know if it maintains its pop/playability as a cross string it would be very helpful.

*I have thought about increasing tension on mains (MSVHT) but I really liked the tension setup I tried (56/54) but I am willing to try any new combos of this stuff - its the GHOAT... ha

10-15-2011, 08:35 PM
hit serves 125 mph+ with tons of pace and control and was coming close to 90% first serves - I was almost in disbelief.

I'm not almost in disbelief. I'm all the way there. If Nadal could have the same serving stats, he'd beat Djokovic every time. Send him a tip.

10-15-2011, 08:54 PM
I guess you've never been in the zone before - I'm not saying that I could repeat my performance on a regular basis and for sure not in a real match situation, but I was def. serving 125mph 80+%. Call it the placebo effect or whatever, but thats what happened.

I'm not here to brag or talk about how good my game is - I was just trying to give a string recommendation and get some useful advice. So, if you don't have anything helpful to say then just stay out of this thread cuz I really dont care if you dont believe me.