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11-20-2010, 08:42 PM
I had an MRT string one of my Wilson Pro Open (100 sq inch) with VS Touch 16g in the mains at 62lbs and Hurricane Feel 17g at 62 lbs in the crosses on Sept 11.

I had never strung gut before, and had him offer me some advice before watching him string my frame. I drove home and strung another Wilson Pro Open with the same setup on my Alpha Apex 2. I put Babolot String Savers in the sweet spot (about the size of a 5"by 7" index card on both frames.)

I hit with the Wilson I strung for roughly 20 hours and then cut out the strings, as everything was starting to move quite a bit. I didn't hit with the frame the MRT strung until last week for the first time during a 3 set match. Today I hit an heavy topspin forehand, and the gut broke near the hoop of the frame. It felt like a miss-hit, but I did win the point with a topspin winner down the middle of the court.

My frames are always in my a Thermoguard bag, and inside my home after ever match. I never spilled any liquid on the strings, nor let the frame get wet in any manner. I was shocked how well the strings held up on the frame I strung compared to the frame the MRT strung. By no means am I faulting the MRT, as I know he is a better stringer than me.

Do you think the strings just broke down over the course of ten weeks? Or was it a combo of ten week old VS Touch with Har True Courts, coupled with a miss-hit?

I really like the setup, but at $59 for two sets of strings and my free labor ($43 for the VS Touch+ $16 for the Hurricane Feel ), I have to think X-One Bi-phase in the crosses and Hurricane Feel in mains are a much better deal ($16 string job vs $29.5 for the VS Touch/Hurricane Feel). I always string two frames to match, then have a third I use to experiment with various strings.

For now, I'm going back to Hurricane Feel 17g Mains with X-One 16g in the Crosses, but would appreciate any suggestions on alternative setups.

I hit a descent topspin, but my natural swing tends to be flat. I've been trying to be more patient and not flatten out the ball until I'm in more of an attack mode. I know certain strings will give me more spin, but I also know my swing is a bigger part of part of the spin battle. RPM Blast isn't going to do much for me, if I flatten out my swing on my favorite inside out forehand. I'm curious if I can find a better setup than Hurricane Feel / X-One setup for the money. For $16, I get about 15-18 hours before breaking the X-One.

11-20-2010, 08:48 PM
Blue gear ultra/bbo.

11-21-2010, 11:19 AM
Thanks Kiteboard.

I just read your post about the fall from the ladder, which followed the pit bull attack on your wife and dog back in June. Wow. Sorry to read all that bad news. Hope you, your wife and your dog are recovering.

I have some past TE, but so far, the hybrids I'm using are working for me without arm pain. I tried Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough String 17 with Prince Topspin and my arm didn't like that setup at all.