View Full Version : Babolat APD Hybrid

11-29-2010, 04:35 AM
Hi, I currently play with an APD & APDC with a full bed of SPPP at 55lbs. I like to play heavy topspin but at time I feel my shots don't penetrate enough on astroturf.

I was intrigued to read in another thread about a Mantis Comfort/Signun Tornado Hybrid and thought it would sounded like something I would like to try however I'm a novice at hybrids. I've got a set of Mantis Comfort 1.30 for the crosses and Signum Tornado 1.25 for the mains.

What I'm unsure of is what tension to string at if I normally play 55lbs SPPP. Any advice appreciated?


11-29-2010, 02:44 PM
Try the mains at 55 and crosses at 57-58. That can give you a base line anyways.