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12-05-2010, 10:32 PM
Hello everyone,

I just bought a reel of Head FiberGel Power and a friend of mine has the ultra cheap Tourney Nylon and Prince Synth Gut. All strings are referenced at 16g. I have lightly read the string faq and accounted for losing tension.

Q: Would the ultra cheap Tourney Nylons take away a amazing amount of feel? How about the synth gut? (because I'm used to full beds of a string)

Q: I understand the reasons for stringing hybrids, but I'm really used to people stringing both crosses and mains the same tension. How do you find out what is a good tension for each string? (Does it depend on type of string? The racket? etc)

Q: I have a Six.One [K]Team 95 18x20. Say I string my FiberGel@62 cross/Synth Gut@ 60 Mains. How would I figure out if this would give me what attributes?

I know that fibergel is extremely soft. I've played a full bed of it and fell in love. Popped it in maybe a week (not even every day hitting) and I'm just a crappy 3.5 player. Maybe even 3.0 =/. I'm hoping i can get a SIMILAR feel with the durability in place. I could hit likes like Federer can hit cans off people's heads with a full bed, but it isn't very cost efficient is it =/

Please recommend string tensions and such you believe may fit me or m racket. Baseline player with a decent amount of power and a light racket. I want to get a heavier racket, but i have no money whatsoever.

Guys i really appreciate this forum and hope you can find the patience to deal with a newbie like myself. Thank You.

12-07-2010, 04:43 AM
Searching for specific posts or threads in the strings section might help you find some answers in regards to your questions (ie. a search for "tournament nylon")

As for your stringing tensions with hybrids, if you string your own, you can experiment with different tension until you find a good combination. Some like to string the crosses a few pounds less than the mains, some like to keep them the same. Personal preference is key but you definitely have to experiment to find what's best for you.

I used to string my poly mains at 58lbs and my syn gut crosses at 57lbs which gave me a good blend of power and control.

Like I said, if you do some reading throughout the strings section, I'm sure you'll find all sorts of good recommendations.

12-07-2010, 07:09 AM
On vary tensions, there are many "theories" but trial and error is the best way to determine what you like. But, here are a few theories.

theory 1 (1 string full bed): string crosses 2 lbs less mains because you have more cross strings and they are shorter. Less tension on shorter string plays like more tension on longer string. More cross strings with lower tension vs less main strings with hi-er tension balance string bed and racket stress.

theory 2 (1 strung full bed): exact opposite of theory 1. String crosses 4 lbs (2 to 4) hi-er than mains. The theory is that when you pull the crosses you are actually increasing the tension on each main as it moves (separates) the mains. So, stringing the crosses hi-er ends up with a balanced string bed because the main tension comes up to balance with the hi-er crosses.

Most pros seem to use theory 1.

Theory 3 (hybrid mixing stiff poly with softer syn gut or multi): always string the syn gut/multi string 2-3 lbs lower than the poly because the poly is a stiffer string. Having the softer string tighter give a more balanced feel. I use this theory if I put the poly in the mains or crosses. I always string the softer string (syn gut/multi) 2-3 lbs hi-er with good success.

However, some pros will string a poly cross 2 lbs hi-er than a softer main which goes against theory 3.

I suggest crosses = or 2 lbs lower than mains if 1 string in full bed. And, poly's should be 2-3 lbs lower than softer string in 2 string hybrid bed. But, as others have said, trial and error is the best approach.

Also, really string poly's 10% lower than you softer strings. If you like full bed of syn gut at 58 lbs, try poly's at 52 lbs (6 lbs less). If you hybrid, try poly at 52 main with 54 syn gut/multi cross.

12-08-2010, 12:16 PM
Okay now i understand the different tensions. Thank you.

So why would i choose multi/poly over a Multi/synth gut hybrid? is it TOO soft? Too fragile? I can't say I'm a hard hitter, but I sure as heck feel like it sometimes =P.

I understand people love the poly spin, but i think 18x20 racket head does that enough for me. I might get 2 6.1 k95's soon, so i might start trying strings. thanks again