View Full Version : Polys life?

03-09-2011, 06:39 AM
How many hours (approximate) of quality play will there be if one is a heavy topspin hitter?

How do you know its time to change the string?

Wiil gut in the crosses extend poly mains life?

Being that poly is "done" so fast, is it worthy to use gut as a cross to get a softer feel?:):)

03-09-2011, 09:04 AM
It depends on what string you use. some polys hold tension better than others. when you feel the string getting loose and you start losing control i would say its time to change. Gut in the crosses will help extend the polys life because you do not have another poly in the cross. going with a syn gut in the cross is a good and cheap option

03-09-2011, 10:22 AM
2-6 hours tops IME, it really doesn't matter how well the poly holds tension in a traditional sense, it is the resiliency(snap back of the string) that gives it its extra spin when it is fresh.

You can have two polys at the same tension but the one that is fresh and the fibers haven't broken down will give more spin.

This is why the best playing polys also seem to be the ones that go dead the quickest. What makes the poly hold tension longer also stops it from snapping back as dynamically to give it its extra spin.

To answer your question, No gut will not extend the life of poly it will actually go dead quicker because it is not locked in as well with gut, the snap back energy will not be as dynamic because it has to take place very fast to have an impact on spin, if the stringbed deflects too much the snap back can not help generate spin.

When the poly is dead you will be able to feel it at contact, it will be a duller sensation and the string will not play as dynamically.

Whether it is worth it to use gut as a cross depends more on the reason, if it is to try to extend the polys life no, because it does not, if it is to get a little more feel and touch and power at the expense of a little spin and control, than it may be worth it.

It really depends on your style of play If your strictly a baseliner who doesn't hit many touch shots or come to the net I would just string full poly.