View Full Version : Estusa Power Beam Braided vs. Volkl c10 Pro

Michael Moss
04-23-2004, 07:41 AM
Will these sticks hit similar? The review on the PBB sounded really good for my game but a swingweight of 309 seems kinda low! Also, don't hear too much feedback on the PBB, and everyone seems to give high marks for the c10 Pro. Any thoughts???

04-23-2004, 11:16 PM
I play a couple of PBBs and I also have a C-10 Pro that I hit with now and then. They are both rather unique, but share a handful of similarities. They both excel at the net and and producing spin. They both swing lighter than their static weights. The C-10 is more flexible yet has more power, I believe, stock. My PBBs were very head-light to begin with, and with an overgrip even more so. I added lead to the hoops and they now weigh about 12.9 oz. I've kept the C-10 stock so far. It hits bigger serves than the PBBs, but is a little less accurate on groundstrokes. The closest racquet to the PBB may be the Wilson PS 6.0 95. The closest to the C-10 98 in some ways may be the Tour 10 MP, or perhaps, because if the flexy upper hoop, the Prestige Classic .