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03-24-2011, 11:58 AM
I need to get rid of my old rackets. I can send pics on request. A note on grips. I have used an overgrip 98% of the time so most of the grips here should be like new, with the exception of my very old Wilson Hyper ProStaff and Prince Precision Response which are probably more worn (I may not have always used an overgrip back then). But they all have overgrips on them now which I don't feel like taking off, unless you want to buy a racket in which case I'd gladly take it off and check the condition of the grip for you if you want. Here's are the rackets:

Head YouTek Prestige Mid, 4 1/2, 8.5/10
No paint chips or scratches. Scuffed headguard. Grommets show some wear. Topspin Cyberblue string. With new cap grommets this racket is like new.
$105 shipped CONUS.

Head YouTek Prestige Mid, 4 1/2, 8.5/10
A few very minor scratches. Scuffed headguard. Grommets show some wear. Topspin Cyberblue string.
$110 shipped CONUS.

Head MicroGel Prestige Pro, 4 3/8, 6/10
The only paint blemish is at the top of the hoop at the 11 and 1 o'clock positions where heavy use has worn away the head guard and the scrapes have gone down to the graphite, but not really into it. Replacing the cap grommets would halt this trend and make this racket look and play like a 9/10. Grommets presently show moderate wear. Headguard is heavily scuffed. Topspin Cyberblue strings.
$65 shipped CONUS.

Head Microgel Prestige Pro, 4 1/4, 8.5/10
Most would rate this a 9, but I'll rate it 8.5 because a couple grommets are slightly smooshed/enlarged and there is moderate scuffing on headguard. No paint scratches or chips. Topspin Cyberblue strings.
$80 shipped CONUS.

Head MicroGel Extreme Pro, 4 3/8, 8/10
Older non-Teflon version. Only a couple scratches and two minute paint chips. Headguard scuffed. Some enlarged grommets. Not sure what strings are, I think maybe Weiss Cannon TurboTwist.
$50 shipped CONUS.

Head MicroGel Extreme Pro, 4 1/4, 8.5/10
Older non-Teflon version. No scratches or paint chips. Headguard scuffed. Light grommet wear. Prince Lightning string.
$50 shipped CONUS.

Wilson K6.1 95 (16x18), 4 3/8, 8/10
Only one really noticeable paint scratch, and a couple really minor ones. Headguard scuffed, grommets show light wear. Topspin Cyberblue string.
$70 shipped CONUS.

Wilson K6.1 95 (18x20), 4 5/8, 9.1/10
I've only hit with this racket once or twice in my life. It has only a couple barely noticeable scratches on the headguard, and no paint scratches or chips. Grommets like new. Topspin Cyberblue string.
$80 shipped CONUS.

Wilson BLX 6.1 Tour 90, 4 1/4, 8/10
A few very small scratches and a paint chip. Headguard scuffed. Topspin Cyberblue string. Grommets like new.
$110 shipped CONUS.

Wilson nCode 6.1 Tour 90, 4 3/4, 8.5/10
This is a rare grip size for someone with large hands. Only one barely noticeable scratch, and one pepper flake sized paint chip. Bumper is scuffed. Leather grip is in great condition but somewhat discolored (just lightened) because of an overgrip I put on earlier. Grommets like new. Hurricane Pro Tour strings.
$60 shipped CONUS.

Wilson nCode nTour, 4 1/4, 7/10
95 inch head. Two big scratches a few smaller ones. Also a few paint chips. Bumper scuffed. Some residue where lead tape was removed inside throat and inside hoop and 3 and 9 o'clock positions. Babolat Pro Hurricane string.
$40 shipped CONUS.

Wilson HyperCarbon Pro Staff 6.5, 4 1/2, 6.5/10
Frame is actually in good condition with only a few scratches. The problem is that the headguard was flimsy and pieces cracked off at high use areas. There are some sizeable scrapes where this has occured. Grommets in excellent condition. Very old natural gut/Pro Hurricane Tour hybrid strings.
$30 shipped CONUS.

Prince Triple Threat Warrior, 4 1/2, 8/10
Very good condition with no noticeable scrapes or scratches. Headguard is scuffed. Racket is just slightly dirty (noticeable because it has a white matte finish). Old Topspin Cyberblue strings. Lead tape on the throat and I believe under the grip, but I can remove these if you want. Grommets are like new. 97 inch head.
$40 shipped CONUS.

Prince Precision Response Titanium Midplus, 4 1/2, 5/10
Pat Rafter's racket from the late '90's. Perfectly playable, just has some heavy scraping down to the graphite where the bumper guard has worn away at the top. Also a few scrapes and paint chips throughout the frame. Some head tape residue on the sides. Old Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour strings. A few cracked grommets. 97 inch head.
$30 shipped CONUS.

Dunlop M-Fil 300, 4 1/4, 8/10
No paint chips or scratches. Headguard shows only light scuffing. There is some residue left on the inside of the throat where some lead tape was removed a long time ago. Currently doesn't have a grip, but I can add one (Babolat Syntec I believe?) if you want this racket. Gamma synthetic gut (16g). 98 inch head.
$30 shipped CONUS.

email vincent_price2000@yahoo.com if interested.

03-24-2011, 07:47 PM
Here are some photos of the rackets:
Top of 4 3/8 MG:
Top of 4 5/8 K95:
BLX 90:
nCode 90:
Hyper ProStaff:
Top of Hyper ProStaff:
TT Warrior:
Precision Response:
Top of PR:
M-Fil 300:

03-25-2011, 11:16 AM
I contacted you earlier and am interested in the M-Fil

03-25-2011, 11:22 AM
I contacted you already and am interested in the M-Fil.

03-26-2011, 01:29 PM
Dunlop, Wilson Tour90's, and Prince Warrior are sold. The rest are still available.

03-28-2011, 10:44 AM
The 2 YouTek Prestige Mids, Head Extreme (4 1/4), K6.1 95 (4 5/8), Wilson nTour 95, Wilson Hyper ProStaff, and Prince Precision Response all still available. I'd be happy to do some sort of discounted bulk deal with some of these as well.

Both MG Prestiges, Head Extreme (4 3/8), both Wilson Tour90's, Wilson K6.1 (4 3/8), Prince Warrior, and Dunlop have been sold.

03-31-2011, 08:59 PM
Bought both MG prestige pro. Condition as described. Smooth transaction and fast shipping. Thanks TW for forum.