View Full Version : Unexpected experience with Prestige Classic 600 Tour mid.

04-23-2004, 01:01 PM
I had a chance to hit with this magniffisent racquet today, it was strung with 1.35 synthetic gut(not sure what) and I guess that added to the dead feel I experienced. Not in a bad way, it offered tons of control and I could consider playing with it because of the freedom it allows in every shot. It felt "dead" in comparison to my Tour 90 strung with BB Alu Power 16 @ 60, it felt like it had no power at all.
I've always thought that my racquet was control oriented and therefore maybe less powerful, but wow what a difference. I compared the racquets and to my amazement the Tour 90's head looked smaller. "It's 90 sq in, right?" the owner of the Classic asked. Never thought that the difference between todays players racquets and the classics is so big. Now I definitely need to get my hands on the PS Original.

04-25-2004, 06:08 AM
I've got three Tour 90's in my bag. Never tried the 85. Don't want to necessarily because I don't have the budget to get three 85's.

04-25-2004, 06:52 AM
Same here, though two would be enough for me. Then again it doesn't matter as I don't plan on switching I just want to try it out. A discontinued racquet doesn't seem like a good replacement. The difference shouldn't be as big when comparing to Original as it is stiffer then any Prestige, wich is the obvious factor in the big difference I noticed when testing the 600 Classic. Should have thought about that earlier, but didn't :D .