View Full Version : Novak Djokovic Effect

04-16-2011, 04:18 AM
Steve Tignor:

"You can chalk it up to a phenomenon previously unknown in tennis, something called the Novak Djokovic Effect. Itís akin to the John McEnroe Effect, and in more recent years to the Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal Effect: At certain points in time, the absence of any of these players from a tournament would have robbed it of a good deal of its urgency right from the start. Without them, an event didnít quite matter, or matter nearly as much as it did with them. Itís a measure of how far Djokovic in 2011 has come that he has reached that status. Too bad, too: He was forced to choose between his two home tournaments, one in Monaco and the other in Belgrade. Itís been a little weird to hear about him practicing on the courts at the MCCC this week, but skipping this one and, hopefully, living long enough to fight in Paris was the right decision."

04-16-2011, 05:29 AM
Not really sure I agree with the notion that this tournament isn't as urgent.

For me, it was always about seeing if Nadal ws going to be be able to get back into his A game once he got on clay. Sure, if Djokovic was here it would've been an additional storyline, concerning if djokovic had what it takes to take Nadal out on clay, but for me this tournament was always about Nadal.

Just My humble opinion, though.