View Full Version : Dunlop Bio 200 Lite vs. Dunlop 4D 300T

05-09-2011, 10:30 AM
I wanted to start a new thread on this. I was searching on threads to find out how diffrent they were and if anyone who used 300T switched to 200 lite and get their imppression on differences and/or similarities in groundies, slice, return, volleys and serve.

I have 300T customized to 335gr and 5 HL, and strung at 58lb with xone byphase 17g.

I demoed the 200 lite for a week (measured total with 342gr, had dampener and overgrip and strung lower tention with dunlop silk) and here are some of my views:

First impressions: groundies much more pace and much deeper shots , more power, easier to swing but I could not get into proper slice.

After playing 2 more hours:

1) groundies - still good but at total 342gr I felp the overall tired and had to focus more on shots. 2handed backhand excellent, forehand great also.

2) slice - got much better after adjustement, just someo of them ran long but I could adjust easilly

3) serve return - good/average, probably a bit better than 300T

4) serve - comparable to 300t.

5) volleys - here I think I need to adjust or put more weight into hoop to make it more stable in general.

so at the end I will calll TW to find most light and most HL racquet that they have so I can customize it. They have saysthat they found unstrung weight of 311 with 9 p HL, and strung they assume will add around 17G (I will be stringing this racquet with black code 17 mains and xonebyphase 17 crosses (55/58). so my total will be 328Gr , then I add overgrip and dampener another 9 grams and now I have total around 337gr with 6-7 p HL which will be 2 grams more than my 300T and more head light. So will be almost no room for customization if any (hope I need to do just 2-4 grams total)

05-10-2011, 12:28 AM
Nice review, although I would like to hear some comparison with same string/tension installed in both frames.

Anyway, did you get more spin from 200 lite ?

05-11-2011, 12:09 PM
yes I will try today with new string setup (not the smae) I wil have black code and x-one on crossed 55/58 . will post feedback...

05-13-2011, 10:43 AM
so I did try it. well it layed a bit diferent from demo

demo - 342gr, 7HL, dunlop silk (probably guessing at 55lb)
one that i received - 333gr, 7 HL, black code mains and x-one byphase crosses (55/58)

so specs are very different. So after playing one hour with new one:
1) baseliners - had ton more control than demo, great spin but could not generate any pace or power and 90% of my short would land is service line and at the end I got tired of swinging. demo was much easier to swing and I am guessing it could be factors that it was 9gr more heavier and it had full multi on

2) slice - was great

3) serve return - same a baseline I would make all of them but with no pace and short returns.

4) serve - struggled, demo version was much crispier

so now I decided to do 2 things 1) increase the weight to 337gr (4g) by adding at 3 and 9 and it will be 6HL. 2) change the strings to full multi x-one by phase at 58 and give it a try again. And add more weight if desired after that.

Anyone had any feedback on the same????

05-13-2011, 11:05 AM
For more power i would try to change string setup 1st before messing with weight

05-18-2011, 10:59 AM
i did add a bit of weight at 3 and 9 and it definately change the everythimng. SDtability was better and a pit more pop (swingweight). Now I think I will not change string setup because it has good power and with full multi it will be out of control and I would loose the sping and co-poly can give me.
So for now wil play with it for couple of matches and see.