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05-26-2011, 05:28 PM
Just a write up that maybe useful for others who maybe thinking about a pallet swap.

So I got a DNX10 mid L2 in a trade... played a few times with only the rubber grip and it's getting slippery - can't put over grip on, as it would throw off the weight and balance.. so had to bite the bullet and do a pallet swap with my retired T10 mid L5.

After taking the grips off, initial inspection indicated both pallet sets are not permanently glued, even though the T10 maybe a 20 year old model (?).. I took the butt caps off, and run a flat screw driver thru the seams between the 2 pallet pieces... I could see they were glued on with double sided tapes - should be easy!

But caution is still needed. The pallets are basically some foam material, and CAN break with hand force... carefully pushed the pallet pieces off the shaft.

The L2 grip still has quite fresh double-sided tape, so I just slapped them onto the T10, wrap up the rubber grip, done!

Had to run out get some fresh double sided clear tapes, and wrap around the shaft of the DNX10, put the pallet pieces on, done!

put the over grip on and weighed the sucker - darned it, 6 grams less than my 'standard weight'... put a few strips of lead tape at 9 and 3 o clock, measured balance, darned it again! now it's too head heavy..... took the over grip off (with L5 I don't use rubber grip, it's just overgrip on the pallet), applied some more lead tapes there, put the overgrips back on, measured both weight and balance - presto ! perfect match with the other 2 sticks.

Entire process took about an hour.

Timbo's hopeless slice
05-26-2011, 05:38 PM
Well done, Dozu. Double sided tape??? Really???

For some reason I imagined something more, I dunno, 'solid' holding the whole show together..

(just as well I just finds a racquet I likes and plays with that one!)

05-26-2011, 05:46 PM
lol - yeah, was already thinking about applying heat or something to loosen the glue there.... it was easier than I expected.

speaking of hands on - the pallet swap was not the most difficult task I did today... had to swap an oxygen sensor on my Maxima, and the new one is a "first time fit', which means I have to unscrew the old one, cut the wires, and splice the wires to the new sensor, (lost a heat shrink sleeve in the process and had to run to Sears to get some electrical tape), use a heat gun to shrink the sleeves.... doing all this in 85F humid weather and I was sweating like a mad....

anywho - with car and racket both fixed, will hit the courts tomorrow !