View Full Version : Let's talk about the Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite!!! and First post....

05-28-2011, 07:00 PM
Hey guys I'm new to the forum! I think I'll fit in nicely here. Anyway, I currently am demoing racquets. I'm debating between the Biomimetic 200 Lite and the Biomimetic 300. Any words of advice?

Just for background I am a player of 5 years now, play often and hit a big forehand and a two handed backhand. I hit a flat serve, with a spin serve as my second serve. I want to get my kick serve strong by next season though. I tend to play from the baseline and control is a must for me.

05-28-2011, 07:38 PM
welcome to the forums....

the word of advice is to use the search features... there is a thread already started for the Bio 200 Lite.


05-29-2011, 03:04 PM
So sorry, I'll be sure to do that.